Oct 1 – oct 6, 2021


The Retreat

Do you remember the feeling you had as you stepped into your role as a leader?

Saying yes to that purpose was a risk, a leap, and an investment in your future. But look at yourself now.

You’re standing at the peak, you’ve worked hard for your success and now you’re probably wondering, “what’s next?”

Being your business’s most important asset requires you to invest in yourself.

And now, to go higher, you have to dig deeper. Reconnect to your purpose, your authenticity, and the powerful leader within.

The best and most successful leaders are not those who mold themselves into the leaders they think they should be, but the ones know themselves deeply and use their authentic strengths every day.

The Scaling Your Mindset to Scale Your Business Leadership Summit is more than a business retreat.

It is a holistic and transformative experience designed with a sole purpose: granting you time and space to invest in yourself, allowing you to reconnect with the powerful, authentic leader you are born to be. The coaches will use self-discovery and visioning as  tools for business growth – digging deep to scale higher.

You are being called to join a cohort of like-minded business leaders and spend five days in the jungle of Costa Rica – disconnecting from your ‘normal’ to rediscover your “why” and access true freedom.

Will you allow yourself to access your most authentic self, and lead from that place?

You Will Gain


Shed the patterns that block you and achieve powerful clarity of your unique purpose and the steps to return to that purpose. Lay claim to your authentic vision and voice. Communicate from this place: calm, centered, and powerfully aligned with the future you truly desire and deserve.


Unplug yourself from the constant barrage of emails, texts, tasks, and expectations. Reconnect to a rhythm long forgotten: breathe, eat, swim, stretch, and play free from inhibitions. Grant yourself the space and time to shed the masks worn at work and in life, and reveal yourself in a space specifically held for you.


We’ll use yoga, breathwork, chef-prepared vegan cuisine, bodywork and play to lay the foundation for a week of growth and discovery. With these in place, you will be prepared for deep, transformative coaching sessions alongside a support system of peers designed to unlock barriers professionally, psychologically, and emotionally. Discover a holistic vision of success and stand tall as a lithe, authentic warrior of a leader.


Be enveloped in a fully supportive, inspiring community where you’re completely seen and cared for. Connect on a deeper level with other leaders who have experienced the same pains and yearn for the same fulfillment as you. Step into the oasis and uncover the true meaning of co-elevation alongside the abundance of nature.

Freedom, Clarity and life-changing growth. Sound like just what you’re yearning for?

The Venue

We are proud to host the Scaling Your Mindset Leadership Summit for a second year at the Imiloa Institute in Costa Rica.

The Imiloa Institute welcomes and invites us to immerse ourselves in the heart of nature.

Use this immersion as a tool along the path to growth. 

Your Coaches


Glen is an authentic, charismatic and energizing CEO who cultivates trust and positivity in any group he works with.

From humble beginnings working on an automobile assembly line to public company CEO, Glen has learned from hard-won personal experience how to grow people, products, businesses, and himself. 

His relatable style, direct messages, and confidence of someone who has seen it all in business translates into inspiring and actionable value for anyone or any group he works with.

“Glen can relate to my issues and understand exactly the demands of the CEO role, because he’s been there.”

Bob Hildreth


Find out more about Glen and his coaching practice here.


Oswaldo is a life and business strategist in the USA and LATAM, and has successfully operated ventures in real estate, healthcare, hospitality, finance, and airline industries during the past 15 years.

As a mission-driven owner/operator, he has held positions as CEO, CFO, COO Chairman, and strategic board member in multiple companies.

Praised for his ability to facilitate a space of trust, commitment, clear vision, and creation, by embracing the principle of co-elevation.

Oswaldo is Certified Chopra Center Meditation Instructor, a Hoffman Institute Graduate and holds an MBA in Finance and Strategy from Yale University.

Find out more about Oswaldo and his coaching practice here.

“I attended an extraordinary two day retreat created by Oswaldo. It was an amazing and transformative experience positively impacting both my emotional and physical states. As a result I fundamentally changed some daily practices and am much better off for it. I cannot wait for the next retreat.”



Find out more about Oswaldo and his coaching practice here.


Sandra is an emotional coach, writer, and public speaker. She uses traditional and alternative methods to support individuals in their processes of growth healing and transformation.

The techniques she offers are used to:

  • Discover unique and authentic qualities and skills
  • Practice self-acceptance and unconditional self-love
  • Transform the perception of traumatic events into peace, acceptance, and powerful meaning
  • Transform problems and conflicts into opportunities for learning and growth
  • Replace destructive beliefs and/or patterns with empowering and useful ones

“Working with Sandra was magical. Throughout the course of working together and beyond I saw noticeable shifts in my life, sometimes within days. It was an embodied experience of how our personal consciousness, mind and emotions influence our external world and reality.”


Marketing Specialist

Find out more about Sandra and her practice here.

“Attending the Scale Your Mindset to Scale Your Business summit resulted in a deeper transformation than I ever could have imagined. I am now in a position to show up as a better leader; not only for my business, but in my life overall. I am now seeing the return on my investment, in terms of both time and money.”

Chelsea Nolan

Owner, Seen Dynamic Communication

“When I returned a friend asked me how much the retreat cost. I couldn’t even remember. I told her the investment was irrelevant compared to what I gained from this transformative experience.”

Sara Commers

Owner, Sara Commers Private Jeweler

“Personal growth builds business growth. The format guided us to look within, to examine our actions, to understand how they are influenced by the past and to be conscious of them going forward.”

David Corigliano

2020 Summit Attendee & Former CEO

“I’m still experiencing the benefits of the deep work I was able to do. By going deep in the coaching sessions and within myself, I am able to be more conscious of why I do the work that I do in the first place. Since returning, I’ve experienced the largest success in my business career so far.”

Will Preble

CEO, Aeterna Media



Arrive at Imiloa via a chartered flight landing in the heart of the jungle. Discover the barefoot luxury of your accommodations and settle in with chef-prepared snacks and a dinner with your new cohort. Begin the journey by taking stock of all that has brought you to this summit, who is standing here with you, and set intentions for the week ahead. End the night by mingling fireside together or retire to your cozy bed in the jungle.


Begin to learn the tools of transformation with a facilitator-led yoga session each morning. Stretch, breathe, and meditate as you shed the armor of daily life. You will enter the journey to authentic leadership by gaining full awareness of yourself: the habits, patterns, and self-created obstacles that impede your progress, and how to accept and work through them. Connect with the group, with nature, and with yourself in an indigenous Costa Rican cacao ceremony at sunset.


Using the awareness awakened on Day Two, on Day Three you will learn how to break free from frustrating, repetitive, and burdening patterns. In business, relationships, and daily life, re-envision a version of yourself that is powerful, connected, and authentic. Then, commit wholeheartedly to that self.


Visualize your future, empowered by the transformative work of the past several days. Erase boundaries constructed between business and authentic selves, and learn to bring your whole self to your work: in vision, purpose, path, and relationships. Speak with strength, clarity, and honesty as you chart a path to your vision, and a plan for the coming year. You will leave this day with clarity around your own vision of what it is you truly “want to do”in your life and business.


You’ll spend this final full day completely attuned as your authentic self, discovering your untethered inner strength in your choice of yoga sessions, surfing excursions, massages or body treatments, or simply unstructured personal time to explore and reflect poolside on the exquisite retreat grounds. In the evening, our whole group will journey to a nearby beach town for dinner. As the sun sets, connect with your newfound community and celebrate the incredible journey made in the course of just one week.


This part of your journey to authentic leadership ends by honoring the connections you’ve made and the commitments you’ve created. Stand at your personal summit as the authentic leader you are born to be, and look across to see those standing with you. Recognize the hard work and life-changing growth of each and every leader present, and commit to yourself and each other to embark on a new beginning as these effective and fully-conscious leaders upon returning home.

Are you ready to invest in your business’ most valuable asset, yourself?

Each room is equipped with 850 thread count bedding for maximum comfort, high-speed internet, and clean drinking water derived from our artesian well.

Disconnect for five days in barefoot luxury, and discover the changes that will ripple into your life and business for years to come.

Your Options






  • Lodging in the serene “Geodesic River Domes”
  • Triple occupancy to include you and two other attendees
  • 5 nights, 6 days at the lush Imiloa Institute
  • Flights to and from Dominical airport from SJO airport, and shuttle to Imiloa
  • 5-star, plant-based cuisine prepared by our private chef for breakfast, lunch, and dinner each day of the retreat, and one dinner at a local restaurant (alcohol not included) 
  • Additional services and treatments are available, but not included in this ticket.


  • Lodging in the exquisite “Jungle Bungalows” (Jungalows) complete with a bathtub in the jungle
  • Double occupancy to include you and one other attendee
  • 5 nights, 6 days at the lush Imiloa Institute
  • Flights to and from Dominical airport from SJO airport, plus luxury shuttle to Imiloa
  • 5-star, plant-based cuisine prepared by our private chef for breakfast, lunch, and dinner each day of the retreat, and one dinner at a local restaurant
  • Option to participate in a professionally coached surfing lesson in Dominical, Costa Rica OR receive one massage or body treatment at Imiloa


  • Lodging in your own private, 200-Year-Old “Bali Home” with access to a view of the mountains and ocean
  • Single occupancy to ensure privacy
  • 5 nights, 6 days at the lush Imiloa Institute
  • Flights to and from SJO airport and Dominical airport, and shuttle to Imiloa
  • 5-star, plant-based cuisine prepared by our private chef for breakfast, lunch, and dinner each day of the retreat, and one dinner at a local restaurant
  • Option to participate in a professionally coached surfing lesson in Dominical, Costa Rica OR receive one massage or body treatment at Imiloa
  • 3  private coaching sessions – one pre-summit, one post, and continual access to coaches for the duration of the summit.

You have worked hard for your success. But what got you here will not get you there. The next peak comes when you are able to shed the baggage that holds you back and connect deeply with your purpose. Only then can you stand at the summit as the authentic leader you are meant to be. Only here can you do the work, and achieve true transformation.

Are you ready to scale the summit?


Does my ticket include flights to Costa Rica?

No, it does not. You will be responsible for booking your own flights from your home city to San Jose airport (SJO). Twenty-minute charter flights between SJO and Quepos airport in Dominical (20 minutes from Imiloa) are included in your ticket.

How do I get from the airport to the Imiloa Institute (and back again)? How far away is it?

Once you’ve arrived at the airport in Costa Rica, we will take care of the rest. You and your luggage will be transported from San Jose airport (SJO) to Quepos airport in Dominical (and back again) via a private charter plane. You’ll make the 20-minute trip from the airport in Dominical to the retreat center in Imiloa Institute’s comfortable, air-conditioned SUVs. There will be only one charter flight on your arrival day, so depending on what time you arrive in San Juan, you may need to wait inside the airport for the charter flight to Dominical.

Do I need travel insurance? Is there a company you recommend?

It is recommended to purchase travel insurance for trips to foreign countries. We recommend purchasing travel insurance through the credit card company used to book your ticket. Many credit card companies offer travel insurance as part of their credit card offering – read the fine print of your credit card company to find out more. 

We also highly recommend that the travel insurance include health/medical. Keep in mind that the Imiloa Institute is in a remote location. 

From the U.S. State Department website:

Medical Evacuation Insurance

  • Pays for medical care and emergency transportation.
  • If you are traveling to a remote destination or to a place where care is not likely to be up to U.S. standards, consider buying medical evacuation insurance. 
  • It can be purchased separately or as part of your travel health insurance policy.


Travel Health Insurance

  • Pays for emergency and/or routine medical services overseas.
  • If you have health insurance in the United States, find out if it covers emergencies that happen abroad. More information is available on our page about your health abroad.
  • If your health insurance coverage is not adequate, consider buying a short-term supplemental policy. Look for a policy that will make payments to hospitals directly.

Will we be outside in the jungle during the entire retreat?

The Imiloa Institute is surrounded by Costa Rican jungle, and many of the structures are open-air so you will be “outdoors” a lot. There will be time to lounge by the pool, visit the onsite waterfall, and go to the beach. Your rooms are air-conditioned, but you will be in a warm, humid environment. Be sure that you are capable of and willing for this before purchasing your ticket.

Can I bring my partner, spouse, friend? Can I bring my co-founder or team?

The summit is specifically designed for individuals seeking to deepen their purpose and leadership qualities in business and life. We have hosted couples and close friends before; we recommend both those considering it review all information about the summit individually and ensure the desire to attend is mutual and conscious of the deep personal nature of the work. This means fully participating as an individual business leader during Summit programming.

If you have questions or would like to know more, the coaches would love to connect. Please reach out here.

If I buy my ticket and then can’t come for some reason will I get a refund?

If you cancel your participation on or before September 15th, 2020, you will receive a 90% refund of your deposit to date. 

After September 15th, 2020, tickets are non-refundable, unless the retreat is cancelled for reasons beyond the organizers’ control. It is recommended to purchase travel insurance.

Tickets may be transferred, provided the potential attendee is qualified and approved by the organizing coaches to attend.

Is there a payment plan?

Absolutely! You can choose a payment plan for any ticket when you checkout. You will be asked to put down a 20% deposit, and then split the remaining balance into payments through December 2020. Your entire ticket must be paid in full by December 31, 2020. Note there is a 4% fee for credit card transactions.

I would love to attend, but I still have questions! Can you help?

We would love to talk with you more about the summit. You may contact [email protected] to be connected with all three Summit coaches. Please make sure you have filled out the Summit Application before reaching out.

I’m ready to buy my ticket. What happens next?

Click one of the purchase buttons on this page, choose your ticket type and payment option, and complete the payment information. You’ll be redirected to a short form to share your personal information, and then you’ll receive a welcome email with all of the specifics about the retreat, how to book flights, what to pack, and everything else you need to know. We can’t wait to see you there!

Ready to start your transformation?

Imiloa October Update


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Are you following your heart?

Did you know that the heart’s magnetic component is about 5,000 times stronger than the brain’s magnetic field and can be detected several feet away from the body?

One difference between the brain and the heart is that the brain has a section called the amygdala, it is one of the oldest parts of the brain and serves to help us survive. It was very useful in the past to keep us alert and alive from threats like animals, invading armies and harsh weather.

These days it usually keeps us from venturing into the unknown and living our lives as an adventurous dream.

That’s why I recommend following your heart. This is what we did with Imiloa Institute. We jumped into the unknown with our hearts. 

We didn’t know about how to do business in Costa Rica. 

We had never had a hospitality company. 

We’d never done a construction project.

I’d never even held my own retreat.

We simply listened to our hearts and trusted that all would unfold as it should. 

We knew we wanted to create a beautiful space for people to feel at home in their transformation and be able to take that feeling at home feeling with themselves with them anywhere they went when they left.

The Imiloa Institute came from a feeling of finally being at home in my own transformation after years of personal development courses. I realized the power of vulnerable sharing in groups which leads to freedom and feeling at home with ourselves and results in us being a space for others to feel at home.

It’s an energetic chain reaction that is spreading across the globe and all of consciousness.

Heart centered, adventurous courage to love ourselves enough to live our dreams. 

I invite you to follow your heart and come experience feeling at home within yourself at Imiloa. 

I invite you to follow your heart towards adventuring towards your dreams, whatever they may be. 

Much love,




With only two months left in this decade, there is no better time than now to focus on what energy you want to bring into 2020. 

Join us for one of these incredible upcoming retreats and see how it can help you manifest the next decade. 

December 4 – 11, 2019

An incredible experience awaits you this December 4th-11th as Imiloa Hosts 4 Master Level Practitioners for Wild Leadership Training. Business success, personal power, tantric yoga, and ancestral connection awaits you. 

January 8 – 12, 2020

The Imiloa Institute is thrilled to announce we are hosting Master Yogi Geoffrey Roniger  for Essential Yoga this January 8th-12th.  Geoffrey is a gifted and hands-on yogic instructor specializing in linking an individual’s yoga-practice to the ancient being within that is always just a step away from being uncovered.  Explore this one-of-a-kind opportunity to explore the deep-self in one of earth’s most authentic natural environments. 

January 13 – 19, 2020

The Imiloa Institute is proud to present the Playing with Infinity Retreat, this January 13th to 19th in the brilliant sunshine of our Costa-Rican paradise.  Plant Medicine, yoga and breathwork, coaching and meditations, and infinite discoveries await our guests in the miraculous natural setting that is Imiloa. Get ready to expand your consciousness. 

January 27 – February 1, 2020

Imiloa brings you Scaling your Mindset, Scale your Business this January 27th-February 1st, a retreat experience designed for business leaders who are ready to move from a limiting plateau, through the valleys of their own self-doubts, to a vista of new heights and capabilities. Learn more about what this life-changing retreat experience can offer to your business, and to your financial success and freedom.

February 5 – 11, 2020

The Imiloa Institute is enraptured with it’s upcoming retreat this February 5th-11th: Becoming Superhuman.  Join 2 Master and multi-modality practitioners at the intersection between spiritual vitality, business success, and mental/emotional stamina – as you upgrade the latent parts of your soul that may have been been previously or partially unavailable to you. Including Wim Hof breathing techniques as well as daily mindfulness practices, this retreat is sure to help you surpass your current state. 




As we enter into a season known for the sniffles, taking extra care of what you put into your body is key. One of the healthiest choices you can make is to fuel your body with as much live, high-vibrational food as possible. 

Everything that comes out of Imiloa’s kitchen is designed to not only feed your body, but also to help you become more connected to nature. 

Try out this yummy Imiloa take on vegan curry!

Cauliflower Curry Rice

1 big cauliflower
2 bunches of green onion, cut fine
3 spoons of madras curry
1⁄4 cup of crushed cashews
3 spoons of sesame oil
2 spoons of tahini
1 tablespoon of cumin
1 diced red bell pepper
1 bunch of cilantro
1 lime 



Cut the cauliflower into small pieces.
Grind it until it looks like the size of rice grains.
In a large bowl, mix together all ingredients. 

Buen Provecho !


As our dream for an empowering center for growth, education, and transformation becomes fully realized, we are compelled to express deep and immense gratitude for each and every soul who steps foot onto our property. We are blessed by the knowledge and vulnerability brought to this sacred space

Welcome home. 

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