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Costa Rica Corporate Luxury Retreats


“Being in nature, able to breath, allowed us to get creative with the issues we had to solve, not just operate from an in-the-container approach”

Whether you’d like to honor staff for outstanding achievements, show gratitude to your employees or team for a great year, or empower company members to bond and brainstorm together through coaching and experience, Imiloa is where you will find that advantage. In fact, more corporate and startup companies than ever — including executive management — are starting to ask us about Costa Rica executive retreats at Imiloa.

Having a work-life balance is essential, now more than ever. I​t’s no secret that high-level executive positions can be demanding, time-consuming, and stressful. ​Key studies show that a lack of efficiency in the workplace can be directly correlated to an employee’s wellbeing. Recognizing the influential role relaxation, recharge and regrouping plays in all of this can be a determining factor in the success of your workplace culture.

We have spoken with and heard from dozens of large corporations who are thinking differently. The organizations that are on the cusp of innovation and truly cutting-edge in their industry. The way they do business is by continually finding that edge. And they deepen that journey by meeting their edge here in the jungle.


Corporate retreats are a wonderful way to reward your staff for all of their hard work. They also serve as an effective way to bond with your team through intimate experiences and team building activities.

But what’s the most powerful incentive trip you can give your team? A relaxing and recharging getaway, which in turn, increases performance.

Long gone are the long monotonous team conferences. Our curated corporate retreats are a unique way to unify the workplace and ignite passion. When you cultivate a team that’s full of purpose-driven employees, success is inevitable. These individuals will not only want to see the success of the company but the entire wellbeing of it.

“We’ve hosted this United Nations summit for 5 years. This is the first year we haven’t hosted at a hotel and we love Imiloa.

We had major breakthroughs in not only what we strategized, but how we strategized.”


United Nations Development Programme

At Imiloa Institute, our team of dedicated experts gives you an array of exquisite options for corporate groups, high-level execs, and companies looking to attend team trips to connect in a new and different way. As a home away from home, Imiloa Institute opens its campus once a month to host corporate gatherings and infuse our wellness approach.


We are your “C.O.O.” a team of supportive staff of your entire experience, producing and assembling all the moving parts, bringing you extraordinary thought-leaders so that you and your group are peacefully engaged from touchdown to takeoff.

We design creative team-building activities, supportive lectures, life management experts, and spiritual practices and ceremonies to enhance one’s well being.

The added benefits of having a corporate retreat at Imiloa is the rich Costa Rican nature, exclusivity, and the specialized attention to your group. The privacy and intimacy provided are unparalleled with added perks of teaching productivity, spiritual healing, transformation, food, and beverages, as well as a team of supportive staff guiding you throughout your stay.


Imiloa invites you to bring your executive or corporate team to go outside your comfort zone and experience the collaboration magic that is possible in Costa Rica. O​ur wellness experts offer​ corporate retreats a range of 3-5 days, perfect for long weekends, allowing you and your team to take the appropriate time off from work.

At Imiloa, we are equipped to help you and your colleagues learn how to achieve and maintain a work-life balance during and after your stay in Costa Rica. So whether you are interested in connecting with your team or you’re arranging an incentive trip, we will take care of everything. From providing transformative resources, identifying solutions, and serving as a landing pad, we give your corporate team an experience full of spiritual relaxation and revitalization.

Be apart of the conscious leadership movement and make your next team building event more meaningful. Take your innovation to the jungle.

We’re excited about the possibility of supporting you hosting at Imiloa. Please take the next step of booking a Discovery Call with Jake Sasseville, our Co-Founder, President and Chief Relationship Officer to envision your Corporate Luxury Retreat at Imiloa


The Experience: We’ve earned 100’s of 5 star reviews from guests because our Costa Rican team is masterful at hospitality, operations and production. We serve from the heart. Corporate teams benefit from experience our leadership style, serving from a spirit of service, and a posture of learning. 

The Estate: Nestled on 22 acres of jungle overlooking the sunsets of the Pacific Ocean, we have 17 suites in three unique styles that sleep up to 40 guests including 200 year old homes from Bali, Geodesic Domes and Jungle Bungalows on the way to our private waterfall. Along with yoga shala 100′ in the trees, spa overlooking the ocean, and much more.

Cuisine: We are grateful to host in house one of the most sought after chefs in Costa Rica, top of his class in ayurvedic and plant based food that is not only delicious but healing. 

Transport: Full service luxury transportation from touchdown to take off including all excursions Costa Rica has to offer. All-inclusive. 

Wellness Experiences: We can provide guests customized wellness programming from leadership, to body and breath work and any other type of facilitators guests may desire.

We are excited about the possibility of supporting you hosting at Imiloa. Please take the next step of booking a Discovery Call…


Luxury Transportation

Stunning Stay Options

Private-Your Guests Only

Nourishing Vegan Cuisine

200 m2 Event & Classroom Space

Professional Full Staff

13 Minutes to the Beach

Private Water Fall


We offer a variety of accommodations. Seventeen luxury ensuites, we can welcome 34 (standard occupancy) and up to 47.

Each room is equipped with 850 thread count bedding, the most decadent mattresses, it’s own luxurious ensuite bath, towels and extras, high-speed internet, and clean drinking water derived from our artesian well.

Rooms are looked after daily by our expert house-cleaning team.


Featuring over 1,114 m2 of space perched atop mountain cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean, our three imported homes from Java Islands, Indonesia (Bali) boast hand-carved architecture and range in age from 140-180 years old.


Our Jungle Bungalows are inspired by the Japanese and Polynesian cultures. The energy and sounds of the Costa Rican rain forest greet you, our luxurious bathub was made for rejuvination and the deck looking out to the jungle is your own oasis.


Sacred Geometry is at work in these incredible accommodations. Featuring 180-degree views of the jungle, the Dome feels like its own nature reserve, with toucans and monkeys and sloths outside your front window. Imported flooring and delicately designed marble path completes your home away from home.


The food has received perfect five star reviews. Chef Pedro and team create new Possibility for you as they take you on a journey of sweet and savory and everything in between.

Full food and beverage service on the schedule that serves you best is available. We accommodate and plan for all special requests and dietary requirements.

We have a menu of our favorites, of course, and we invite menu collaboration during your kick off calls with our operations team.


Beyond the Jungle Bungalows is a path that leads to our own private waterfall. Descend into what feels like Jurrasic Jungle and bask in the monumental magic of nature.


In carefully designing your corporate retreat experience with you, the Imiloa team is able to fully curated and arrange excursions of any kind for your group. We are located near Dominical in the Puntareneas Region, one of the most beautiful areas in all of Costa Rica. Whether you desire night beach parties, or zip lining, horse-back riding or cacao ceremonies, we can help to create and execute an unforgettable experiences for your corporate group that aligns with what your event goals are.

Whatever You Imagine, Imiloa Can Arrange A Remarkable Stay 


Easy to Travel

English is widely spoken in Costa Rica, and flights from the USA, and Canada are short and affordable.

Costa Rica is also relatively small making many of the nature, activites, and attractions easy to see within a few short hours.

Safe & Modern

The crime rate in Costa Rica is one of the lowest among neighboring Latin American countries.

One reason: Abject poverty is rare, which helps keep crime relatively low. The crime rate in the US, by comparison, is much higher.

Friendly Locals

Famous for being the happiest country in the world, the people are welcoming and friendly, yet sophisticated and proud. 

Yes, this is true, Costa Ricans or “Tico’s” nature is relaxed and specially in touristic areas it should be easy to find Ticos willing to help.

Diverse Nature

Costa Rica is one of the world’s most biologically dense countries and is renown for it’s incredible biodiversity. The 500,000 species of plants and animals in Costa Rica represents 5 percent of the total species on Earth, even though Costa Rica is a relatively small country. 

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