You’re a transformational leader, retreat host or corporate event planner and aren’t fully supported in your events by the team at the retreat center from ticketing, to touchdown to takeoff for you and your clients

At Imiloa Institute, you get the full campus, a world class chef and kitchen team collaborating with you, a retreat operation and client success team to ensure you and your clients get whatever you want. 

The average Imiloa host earns $30,800 from their 5 night retreat. Join the Live Discovery Series to find out how.


At Imiloa, we believe in causing clarity for our clients and their participants.

You're out on the leading edge of thought, brave enough to turn around and invite the rest of us out there too. You should be fully supported as a leader.

Imiloa stands for you and the years of work you've put toward your craft and mastery. We ensure you have everything taken care before you arrive so you can focus on content and clients. We never thought the idea of taking care of people could be such a simple, yet impactful, solution. Join the free Live! Discovery Series to find out how we do it, and most importantly: why.

You have to share the campus or retreat center with other retreat hosts and just want a place to call your own

You’re overcharged, or the charges aren’t clear until you're invoiced. Everything’s extra, not included, and you can’t get a clear idea of your profits.

The staff at your retreat centers are nice, but they aren’t going the extra mile to make clients and participants surprised and delighted at every turn.

You want it all -- mountain, jungle, beach and ocean -- while also being exclusive -- but can't seem to find it.

You aren’t making at least $10,000 from your events after all expenses.

Let's see it convert!

Clarity around your
own vision as a host

With clarity, you get to be creative and get choosy. With an all-star team of event producers, accountants, web designers, property managers, Chef and kitchen team, you get to focus on what you’re best in the world at.

From clarity, you get to experience Serenity. That’s when your shoulders relax, and you get to be guided, so that you can best show up for those that are joining you on your retreat.

You have upto nine meetings with Imiloa during the course of your journey, ensuring that everything from marketing, to client success to retreats and operations is handled.

A clear path toward profitability and impact with your events 

LEARN HOW IMILOA has supported 100+ retreat clients since opening in 2018 and how we've helped them become wildly profitable and impactful in their global missions while hosting at an institute that feels more like a national park than a retreat center.


Are You Tired of Not Being Supported When You Host a Retreat?


When you register now, you will:

Find out how Imiloa will pay you $3,500 to host your retreat

See a clear path toward profitability for your 2021 and 2022 retreats

Discover how Imiloa is producing Course Content (and selling it!) around your mastery and how you can get involved (scaling the impact!)

Experience Imiloa’s revolutionary “Heads in Beds” marketing strategy helping you sell tickets using Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology and smart technology from your previous events

An inter-continental institute for the education and advancement of human beings. 

We are creating the experience of home for human beings to awaken their consciousness on every continent on the planet with six additional planned locations around the globe over the next 5 years.

To discover if Imiloa is a fit for you as a retreat host, transformational leader or corporate event planner, and how you can tap into this global network,

Register for your Free Discovery Series Session

Register for your Free Discovery Series Session

Register for your Free Discovery Series Session

Register for your Free Discovery Series Session

"Imiloa is your one-stop solution for ticketing to touchdown, transformation to takeoff"