Feb 17 – 24, 2020

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 Envision Festival is celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2020. You are invited to join us at Imiloa Institute for our 2nd Annual Envision Experience. We’re 20 minutes away from the festival and we curate an intimate experience like none other in the region! 

When not at the festival, rejuvenate and choose one of sixteen accommodations, including 200-year-old homes imported from Bali, gorgeous Jungalows (Jungle Bungalows) down to our private waterfall or our simply surreal Geodesic Domes featuring sacred geometrical design deep in the jungles of Savegre. 


To Register please email [email protected]        

with your desired dates and number of people




  • Transportation from and to SJO international airport
  • Luxury Transportation from and to Envision from Imiloa (every 2 hours)
  • Luxury Accommodation (for either 17-24th or 20-24th)
  • Daily Brunch, Snacks, and Dinner from our Amazing Chef Pedro.
  • Daily Sunset DJ Pool experience
  • Opening and closing surprise activity
  • Blue Clay Avatar experience at Waterfall
  • Daily yoga classes with Andrew Sealey
  • One Systema class with Jonathan
  • One workshop with Chef Pedro


To Register please email [email protected]        

with your desired dates and number of people


On surveys, our team consistently receives 5-Star ratings in all areas of experience, including dining, hospitality, grounds and how guests feel when they’re here. Come and discover for yourself. 


Andrew Sealy is a connection catalyst, a yoga artist, and a movement creator. He is an internationally recognized yoga teacher whose teachings of compassionate touch inspire people worldwide.

His days are spent traveling to find adventure, practicing to cultivate growth, and constantly absorbing wisdom to create new experiences that he shares with love, to friends around the world.

Through the unique practice of Yoga and mindful living, Andrew embodies progressive knowledge while positively influencing and empowering his students. Andrew’s teachings aim to answer the question:

How can we adapt to create and evolve to sustain?

Visit Andrews instagram

To support his desired lifestyle, Jonathan began focusing his martial arts training on Systema (Russian Martial Art), which is a
wholistic way of life. Systema teaches principles (as opposed to
techniques) pertaining to breathing, posture, movement and

Body Cultivation sessions, will provide participants with an opportunity to embody lasting awareness of their breath, posture, movement and where they hold tension in their bodies. This allows one to remain present and relaxed, in order to get the most from their Envision experience.
Participants will learn Systema breathing principles that can be applied in every waking moment. Principles that, when applied, create a calm and centred psyche, no matter what challenges may arise. 
This will allow individuals to get the most from their entire Human experience and to move through shifts as they occur. These shifts will inevitably occur since nearly everyone attending this retreat will be coming from outside of Costa Rica and into very high vibrational conscious containers. When coming into such containers, individuals will be naturally entrained into a higher vibration frequency. This shift in vibrational frequency can be intense as lower vibration feeling and emotions attached to limiting beliefs, trauma’s (this life and past life), and shadow aspects of ourselves, will rise to the surface to be looked at.  By maintaining a calm and centred psyche, individuals will have an opportunity to look at what arises, without judgement, love that and let it go (like every breath;). We are talking about expansion and transformation…

Chef Pedro is native to Costa Rica. He’s been cooking since the age of 7, and has owned his own cooking school and restaurant. Before Imiloa, he was one of the most sought after plant based chefs in the country, often traveling by plane for a week or two of retreats in one part of the country, and then moving to the next.

At age 31, Pedro was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Over the course of six years, and through Ayurvedic medicine and moving his diet to an exclusively plant based diet, Pedro shrank the tumor. It has however left him deaf and blind in one eye.

At Imiloa, Pedro creates mouth watering cuisine that both satisfies and satiates, and is an explosion of flavor and delight. With his mother as his sous chef (she knows all his recipes) and an amazing kitchen team, Pedro has never received less than a 5.0 in our customer rating from thousands of guests who fill out surveys at the completion of their retreat.

To Register please email [email protected]        

with your desired dates and number of people



For the Envision Experience, Imiloa is curating 30 spaces. You get to choose from the following accommodations: 

2 singles (King Bed , one room)
14 double (2 Single beds, sharing one room sharing one bath)
16 quads (4 Single beds, sharing one room, sharing one bath)

For more information about our accommodations click here


During your envision experience, ride in style.  We offer luxury SUVs from Imiloa to Envision festival leaving every 2 hours each way. Our team will coordinate your pick up time on each location and you don’t need to worry about a thing! Just follow our Imiloa logo sign at Envision parking and our local drivers will be waiting for you in our luxury SUV cars. Sit back and enjoy the ride!


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