Imiloa Institute regularly gets many phone calls and online messages from individuals around the world considering attending a transformational retreat. They often ask us which one of our retreats should they attend and how to pick the right experience for them. 

The Imiloa Team always appreciates these powerful conversations because Imiloa Institute in Costa Rica is emerging as not only a consciousness institute for educating human beings but as an authority on the space of transformation and healing because of how selective Imiloa is about who hosts retreats inside our gates. 

Human beings find themselves in periods of transition, loss, relationship ebbs and flows, shifts in life responsibilities or learning to juggle the abundance that they’ve manifested in their life or business. 

Because life in metropolitan cities, working for an impactful company, or as an entrepreneur can often be filled with stress and other toxicities, the demand for getaways, retreats and transformational experiences filled with healing and reflection is increasing every year. 

This is why we built Imiloa to be in support & empowerment of the global eco-system focusing on education through a spirit of service and a posture of learning. 

We are seeing solopreneurs, busy executives, tech entrepreneurs with fresh exits, artists, transformational leaders and so many others earmark budget yearly for retreats and deepenings the same way they would for mortgage or savings. Retreats are a wonderful way to take the time and space to get away from our day to day, as well as an opportunity to go inward to reflect. Our retreat guests experience a chance to refresh perspectives, refocus priorities, and revitalize their spirit for living. If you’re reading this, the question probably isn’t if you’re going to go on a retreat, but which one and how to properly pick the right one for you. 

These 4 tips serve as a supportive source in guiding you on your journey to choosing and booking your next transformative retreat: 

Envision how you want to feel at the end of the retreat.

Start by exploring what your desired outcome is and visualize where you see yourself on the last day of the experience. What do you want to take away from this time of inward exploration? 

Who do you want to become? Thinking about these things will allow you to tune in and attract the right event. 

Jake Sasseville, co-founder of Imiloa, notoriously only ever attended one retreat before creating Imiloa. “I attended one retreat, a men’s intimacy retreat. I wanted a stronger connection with myself and the world around me,” he says. 

“I thought it was going to be a talk-therapy retreat. Careful what you wish for. Much of the retreat was in silence, it was based on “authentic movement” for three days. It transformed me.” 

When thinking about how to choose the best event for you, Sasseville says, “…discover how you want to feel. Throw goals out the window. How do you want to feel, and let that be the driver.” 

Research the values of the host or teacher 

Two things to consider here in your research. 

First is the master authentic. How do they present themselves? Do they resonate? The second thing to consider is look at the testimonials of what they used to talk about their expertise. Research the people they are quoting. Are they people you want to be with for five days? 

Jake encourages all of us to look at , “…their beliefs and ethics and if they align with yours.” 

Finally, a third part could be looking at the retreat center itself. Research the co-founders. Is it in alignment? Do they state values and vision or are they vague? Pictures tell a good story, but what’s under the hood? It matters because these three items make up how you feel about the experience and it will either allow you to do the work you came to do, or be a distraction. 

Social proof

Scour social media beyond the testimonials. Often you can find what people have said as it’s happening during other retreats. 

Hearing their personal results and benefits from the retreat as it’s in progress  can be a deciding factor in the decision-making process. Also, reach out to past attendees. Retreats at Imiloa range anywhere from $2,500 to $13,000 a ticket, depending on who’s teaching. It’s an investment and ought to include due diligence. 

Consider investing in yourself 

Are you willing to invest in yourself for a life-changing transformation? 

If it’s a yes, determine a timeline, then a month(s) that you’ll do it. Don’t let the voice self-sabotage you into not acting. Focus on taking the next right action. Perhaps a savings plan. A $3500 retreat including airfare is $291 a month over 12 months. 

Most retreat prices offer all-inclusive options with workshops, accommodations, food, and transportation. If they’re real good, they’ll have payment plan options to help as well. You are responsible for flights. 


Imiloa has a commitment to advancing and educating human beings on our journey of mastery. As an emerging authority on retreats, programming and experience, because we walk our talk. We believe that we “win” if and when everyone “wins.” Our retreat hosts, who we fondly call ‘Masters’ and their retreat attendees feel our core values foundationally for all of their experience. We value fun, being a joyful environment for all – our team and guests, eco-aware of the world around us, and transparent in all our communications. Everyone who connected to Imiloa, feels the difference.

The range of retreat centers in Costa Rica and around the world is growing. The clearer you can be with yourself about what you want, the better choice you’ll make for your life. Let us know if we can help you in the journey, and of course we hope to see you at Imiloa Institute very soon. Check out our Upcoming Retreat Calendar to explore the different types of retreats that might be a perfect restorative and healing experience for you.


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