June 18-21, 2021


June 25-28, 2021

We invite you to a Masters Wellness Weekend at Imiloa Institute.

A 3 night, 4 day opportunity to pamper yourself and connect with your fellow transformational leaders.

Imiloa Institute was founded on the principle of approaching its work from a spirit of service, and a posture of learning.

You, as a transformational leader or retreat host, are cordially invited to Imiloa Institute for Master’s Wellness Weekend.

At Imiloa, we stand for teachers and leaders who stand for the well-being of others.

We want to offer you a completely free, all-expense-paid trip, to Costa Rica (not included: airline ticket to SJO, San Jose, Costa Rica).

We want you to relax in an intimate group of 20, experience Imiloa and the campus which feels more like a national park than a retreat center.

The Golden Ticket

Because 2020 was a wash for so many of you, we’re DOUBLING UP.

That means we’re doing two weekends – back to back – and inviting twice the amount of you to Imiloa.

You must apply in order to be accepted. If you are a couple or in business partnership, each applicant must apply and will be considered individually of his/her partner.

Since 2018, Imiloa has contracted with 102+ transformational leaders, and handling everything for them from ticketing to touchdown, transformation to takeoff. As a result, Imiloa’s hosts are some of the most abundance retreat hosts on the planet, and participants are often wanting to renew on their next retreat(s) before the Imiloa event is completed.

Nestled on 22 acres of primary jungle meeting the ocean, Imiloa has become the chosen home away from home for the world’s leaders in areas of self and personal development, corporate culture, spiritual growth, physical, mental and emotional improvement and many cutting edge modalities and research initiatives.


The $500 deposit to hold your spot is refunded to you the moment you arrive at Imiloa, or should you choose to host here in 2022, the $500 can be allocated to your contract. It’s not refundable if you choose not to travel to Imiloa.

Here’s what’s included to every participant during the weekend:

Full lux transport, including private charter to Quepos, and SUV service throughout your stay.

> 1 60-minute spa treatment
> 1 cacao ceremony with members of the indigenous tribe
> 3 gorgeous plant based dinners
> 3 gorgeous plant based brunches
> Snacks, food, drink
> Rest, relaxation, connection and community with other transformational leaders
> Other inspirational and surprise activities as well.

Hosted Event for Masters

3 nights, 4 days, alongside a diverse group carefully curated resulting in the most dynamic experience.

Connect With Fellow Leaders

Connect powerfully and without expectation; form partnerships and a community of peer support.

Enjoy a Massage on Us

Spa services will undoubtly surprise and delight.

Beautiful Beaches

Minutes to the beach and adventures. Private plane from SJO Airport to Imiloa, Lux SUV service all weekend.

Bliss & Chill

See how we handle everything from ticketing to touchdown, transformation to takeoff.

A Private Waterfall

Enjoy Imiloa’s grounds that feel like a national park. Lose yourself in wonder as you enjoy the untouched jungle and ocean vibe.

World Class Ayurvedic Cuisine

Finally, you get to experience Chef Pedro and the Team Imiloa in our Kitchen. 

Meet The Entire Imiloa Family

Discover why we have 77% host renewals, and how our hosts return home with average earnings of $30,800.



This is a hosted event for the top global transformational leaders.


You may apply if you’re thinking of hosting at Imiloa or if you’ve already gone through our Discovery Series Session and booked your Shared Vision.

Preference is given to those we believe would enhance the weekend, contribute to the emerging community of Imiloa and those who regularly host 15+ person retreats.


Rules of Engagement:

1. Existing clients of Imiloa are welcomed to apply

2. You are not required to host at Imiloa in order to attend.

3. Space limited to 20 people maximum for each weekend.

4. Forty (40) invites will be extended for each Master’s Weekend and it’s a first-come-first-serve to claim your spot.

5. Hand-selected participants by Imiloa. To reserve you spot, it’s a $500 deposit, refundable upon your arrival in Costa Rica. It is non-refundable should you choose not to attend or unable to attend. The invite is non-transferable, however, feel free to nominate your friends.

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