Playing with Infinity

FEB 6-13, 2021

The Retreat

Playing with Infinity is a magical gathering, which foundation is rooted in exploring consciousness, discovering pockets of inspiration in your life that you may not even know existed and building strength in your personal, family, and professional life.

This 5-Star experience, located in the surreal jungle of the Savegre Mountains, creates an environment where you will receive four plant medicine ceremonies in a 3,000 square foot Balinese structure, an easy-vibe setting for integration and individual coaching sessions, a Kambo detox that rejuvenates and stabilizes the magnetic energy field of your body (optional).

You will also enjoy Body Cultivation classes with Jonathan MacCaul, based on yoga, meditation, breathwork, and martial arts; as well as plenty of time on your own for relaxing, exploring the private waterfall and sacred land, or experiencing some of the world-class spa offerings.

The Infinity Retreat is as much an event, as it is a shift in consciousness to finding your true self and your innate place within an infinite universe.

  • Cleansing, physically and emotionally
  • Healing, physically, mentally and emotionally
  • Understand how to influence your environment
  • Teachings, perhaps enlightenment
  • Re-connect to your original dream of the life you came here to experience
  • Discover and resolve negative emotional patterns
  • Become aware of and solving past trauma
  • Create the best possible version of yourself at this moment
  • Reconnect to your true self as a unique part of Infinity
  • A significant rise in your frequency
  • Learn how to master energies
  • Learn how to stabilize yourself
  • Learn about how your physical issues are connected to your circumstances and how to resolve them
  • Learn how to consciously create your reality
  • Learn how to apply what you got in this workshop to your everyday life

You Will Learn

The Venue

You will be immersed in a 22-acre Jungle Oasis in Dominical, Costa Rica.

This enchanted jungle venue is the perfect setting to experience the beauty of nature in a luxurious environment.

From a private waterfall to a 5 Star Vegan Chef, they really have it all.

Your Masters


Anke and Marie Louise are knowledgeable and experienced curanderas.

They’ve led plant medicine ceremonies for more than fifteen years. They spend months in the Peruvian jungle in shamanic diets in isolation with numerous master plants.
Known for their outstandingly protected ceremony setting and an authentic approach to the discovery of self, Anke and Marie Louise have led over 1,000 ceremonies.

Their teachers are most experienced masters like Kestembetsa and Juan Flores, life coaches like Tony Robbins, visionary Marko Evore, energy healer Michael Barnett and other mentors who focus on meditation, body, and breathwork.

Anke and Marie Lou have co-created a unique environment, uniting ancient wisdom with modern consciousness-raising techniques.

Body Cultivation with Jonathan Maccaul

His classes will be focused on instilling deep lasting awareness of the breath, body alignment, natural movement and the release of tension is being held in the body. Essentially, he is providing the tools for you to do your own self-healing by first empowering you to become aware of where the tensions (physical, mental, emotion) reside and providing you with the knowledge of how to move and harmonize your energy.

As a martial artist with over 20 years of training, competing, and teaching, Jonathan recognizes the importance of self-care. “It’s all about longevity”. Since 2012, he has been a yoga/meditation teacher as well as a fitness and wellness professional. In 2017, Jonathan became a full instructor of Systema (a holistic Russian Martial Art) under Vladimir Vasiliev (Toronto, Canada).



We recommend staying away from pork, refined sugars, recreational drugs, any medication, and sex for at least one week prior to your retreat seminar. This will have a positive effect on your experience… If you have any severe health issues or cannot get off of your medication, please check the following: 

“I have participated in a number of plant medicine ceremonies that cleared emotional and energetic blockages leaving me feeling lighter and more centered. My time with Anke and Marie Lou at Imiloa took me to the next level. Their medicine, their individual attention, and their insights and guidance were instrumental in helping me have an incredibly transformative experience. What more can I say? I am eternally grateful to them for their love and for providing such a safe place to go deep. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

~ Lisa R

“I would like to thank you! Three years ago you brought me in contact with the medicine for the first time. And that changed my life completely. My attitude towards life, the world around me and above all towards my own self has changed fundamentally.

Sometimes, when I pause and look back, I cannot quite believe that this person of that time was actually me. Not only have I taken some steps to see who I truly am and what I can be – with your help it was possible to discard many of the patterns that have destroyed, inhibited, restrained, constrained me – drugs and those shackles that have plagued my spirit itself, to name just a few of them.

Thank you for your work and your patience – especially when I sometimes tried to escape and ran into the opposite direction. Thank you for your perseverance, even when I was overcome by self satisfaction and excessive comfort:) Thank you for always sharing your knowledge and insights and helping me gain a better understanding of the larger and smaller contexts.
Briefly put: thank you for guiding me on a journey that makes my life richer, deeper and much more fulfilling. And above it all, thank you for giving me tools that allow me to continue this work also by myself.”

~ Gerhard M

“I have had the honor and the pleasure of working with them both in a personal and professional capacity. I’ve been a participant in their experiences and was comfortable, willing, and excited enough to bring into my own experiences that I run for people.

In both instances their level of grace and composure, the depth of knowledge and the quality of experience has been paradigm-shifting for me, it has set a new standard that I look for in people now, and a new standard that I look for in myself.

They have this gravitational pull that helps you rise up to the challenges you’re up against, to meet the person you know you have inside of you. If you’re considering, if you can feel the call inside of you, you really can’t find better guidance.

Their combination and dance of Western psychotherapy and traditional Amazonian shamanic frames has again set a new standard for me, creating a kind of Neo-transformative package that is itself a step above. Thank you, for everything you have done for me and the individuals we have brought to you. Jump right in!”

– E.B.

“Anke and Marie Lou are undoubtedly two of the most extraordinary instances of humanity I have ever had the joy to encounter. Their loving presence in this world is a great blessing to all. When I first had the honor of sitting in ceremony with them, I remember experiencing the following revelation: “Wow, this is what is possible for humanity. It is within our potential to become ascended beings while still on Earth.” The two of them possessed such a grace, groundedness, centeredness, and lucidity that they struck me as existing at a level of consciousness not far from that of bodhisattva masters. They exhibited a profound intrinsic authority—the sort that can arise only as a result of venturing deep into the caverns of oneself and one’s reality to confront whatever dragons and unicorns one might find there. “We’ve been to Hell and back together,” Anke once told me.

As I spent more time with Marie Lou and Anke in and out of ceremony, my Love for them continued to expand. They approach their work with a joy, lightness, inner strength, and humility that is akin to fresh water from a mountain stream. They possess a remarkable awareness of their oh-so-human foibles and are able to view their own shadows with tenderness and humor. Someone once told me, “Never trust a shaman who cannot laugh in ceremony.” I came to understand the wisdom in these words via my experiences of Anke and Marie Lou’s pristine balance of reverence and levity. When it is time to focus and ground, they focus and ground. When it is time to laugh, they laugh. When it is time to be radically honest, they are radically honest.

When I think of Anke and Marie Lou, the image that comes to mind is that of two mysterious trickster sorceresses bearing magical healing potions from otherworldly realms. The two of them seem to be manifesting an archetypal Yin-and-Yang-esque partnership, as each of their energies complements and contrasts the other’s in a Sacred Dance of Duality. Anke’s energy is like a compassionate yet sharp-taloned eagle, a red-hot katana ready to slice through vast layers of delusion at a moment’s notice. Marie Lou’s eyes are like windows to the abyss; her energy is that of a shadowy yet playful serpent destined to transcend all cages. Their unforgettable smiles give you the feeling that they see and understand realities you cannot presently imagine. It is no exaggeration to say that my life has been enriched immeasurably as a result of being divinely guided to these powerful enchantresses. I am tremendously grateful to call them my friends, collaborators, teachers, and fellow human beings”

~ Jordan B

“I attended Marie Lou and Anke’s retreat at the Imiloa Institute. I have been to several other retreats before and I have to say, this one was by far the best! They really care about their clients.”
~ Rob S.

“I have had the utmost privilege and pleasure of being in ceremony with Anke Evore and Marie Lou Evore…they are the REAL DEAL! The space they hold is super clean and ideal for doing deep work, they work with integrity and carry an immense amount of Wisdom, they quite simply are beautiful people and Souls.“

~ Luke S

Each room is equipped with 850 thread count bedding for maximum comfort, high-speed internet, and clean drinking water derived from our artesian well.

Disconnect for five days in barefoot luxury, and discover the changes that will ripple into your life and business for years to come.

Your Options

Discover pockets of inspiration in your life that you may not even know existed and build strength in your personal, family, and professional life.


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