Scale Your Mindset, Scale Your Impact


JAN 28-31, 2022

The Retreat

We are two female entrepreneurs, coaches, partners and mothers. We’ve held executive roles at major corporations, started up businesses, volunteered, and found work-life presence through practicing self-care.  And yes, we’re having a boatload of fun!

Investing in ourselves and making the impact we want in the world has meant reconnecting powerfully with our aspirations as women business leaders.

At “Scale Your Mindset, Scale Your Impact,” we’ll share powerful exercises and tools to take stock of where you are, reconnect you with You, and ignite the impact you want to have on the planet, harmonizing your life inside and outside the home.

We have a group of powerful, caring female entrepreneurs and coaches and are inviting a select few women besides, to collaborate, inspire and support one another to align our desires with our lives, values and vision, and to look around corners vulnerably.

Are you a female entrepreneur or coach, with a deep desire to contribute more to your family, your business, community, and be more fulfilled yourself?

You Will Learn

1.  Clarity on the impact you want your business to make.

2. How you want to change the world.

3. How newly aligned beliefs impact finances, and what to do about it.

4. Deep awareness of where you are and the mindset shifts you want to make.

5.  Alignment of your personal and business purpose, values and vision.

6. Differentiated strategy to achieve your aspirations and impact.

7. Practical next steps and plan to move you forward.

8. Like-minded community that will support and enable you and hold you accountable – if you desire!

The Venue

You will be immersed in a 22-acre Jungle Oasis in Dominical, Costa Rica.

This enchanted jungle venue is the perfect setting to experience the beauty of nature in a luxurious environment.

From a private waterfall to a 5 Star Vegan Chef, they really have it all.

Your Coaches


As an accredited Growth Coach, Juletta has enjoyed a 25-year career launching tech-based and other businesses working in and for large global corporations and Governments in four continents.

A critical success factor for Juletta is mastering and scaling her and her teams’ mindsets – their inner and infinite games – to achieve their personal and business desires.

Juletta has an impressive track record in getting CEOs unstuck, enabling rapid turnarounds, and catalyzing extraordinary growth strategies.

Juletta’s C-level clients and senior leadership teams challenge status quo, break molds and make a difference in everything they do!

In “Scaling Your Mindset, Scaling Your Impact”, Juletta shares her time tested and proven approaches to enable entrepreneurs and coaches to 10x their and her mindsets and their businesses while impacting the world and enjoying life to the full.



She enjoys a track record of transforming teams by encouraging them to embrace change, leading transformation, inviting risks that cause growth, developing leadership qualities in all members of the team and in turn, causing outstanding business results.

She’s an astute corporate executive with a 25-year global career, with the last 11 years being in Central America.

She combines her global business experience, along with coaching skills, to elevate executives to be able to design and navigate authentic leadership journeys.

This has resulted in startups to multinational corporations being able to build diverse pipelines, scale their businesses and individual careers all the way attaining a self of fulfillment and freedom.

Lisa loves challenges and new experiences, travel, family time, all things outdoors especially incredible beaches, reading, health and wellness. She enjoys volunteering to better her community and make a positive sustaining impact in building future leaders.

Each room is equipped with 850 thread count bedding for maximum comfort, high-speed internet, and clean drinking water derived from our artesian well.

Disconnect for five days in barefoot luxury, and discover the changes that will ripple into your life and business for years to come.

Your Options

Transform your inner game and align more powerfully with your unique personal and business purpose at the Scale Your Mindset, Scale Your Impact Retreat!

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