At Imiloa, one of our core values is that “If I win, you win.” This has curated a collaborative environment among team and clients since Imiloa’s founding. It also informs our vision for Imiloa’s Scholarship Program.

We understand that many of our experiences on campus are transformative but also are at a financial premium. As we create a home and experience where human beings are invited to awaken their consciousness in service to themselves and the planet, Imiloa’s Scholarship program aims to make it more accessible.

Together in partnership with retreat hosts and with our Board, Imiloa subsidizes attendance to certain experiences throughout the year and makes that available to folks who have applied. Sometimes it’s for a specific retreat or sometimes it’s thanks to the generosity of previous participants.

We consider financial need, geographic location, intention and vision the individual has for serving their community after they return from the retreat and overall desire.