This free training helps you establish your Purpose Driven Audacious Goal – your stake in the ground for the next year.
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Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey where every goal you set not only propels your business forward but also nourishes your soul, where your work fosters lasting change and an inspiring legacy, and where you're embraced by a vibrant community that uplifts, challenges, and supports you every step of the way?

If you are curious about what it could look like to take the PDAG to the next level, in community, as part of a movement bigger than you, with a resource-rich year-long group experience called WISDOM TRUST, apply below.

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Success on paper often masks a hidden truth—burnout, unfulfillment, and a desire for deeper meaning, connection with community, contribution and being a part of something bigger than just you. If you've sacrificed your big dreams, health, parts of your joy or relationships for the day-to-day pursuit of success, you're not alone. There is a better way. 


A Future So Bright Your Way of Being Transforms As you Create It

Chances are, if you're successful and unfulfilled, you haven't created a future worth living into. You find yourself stuck in the day-to-day managing people, tasks, households and relationships despite having a real sense of possibility in your work and contribution in your community. 

Imiloa’s Wisdom Trust is a 12-month program of inquiry, a container for community and an a deliberate exploration of how creating what you want directly impacts who-you-have-to-be to experience it. When you have a stake in the ground, something's at stake (PDAG), and not only does everyone around you get to be touched transformed and inspired by what you are creating, who you show up as in this moment can’t help but be transformed as you're creating it. Welcome to Wisdom Trust.

The 5 Key Benefits to Imiloa’s Wisdom Trust


AUTHENTIC COMMUNITY Wisdom Trust offers a vibrant community where high-achievers gather well, fostering a sense of belonging, shared wisdom, and collective strength. It's not just about being part of a group; it's about co-creating a movement bigger than any individual, through Purpose-Driven Audacious Goals and the practical tools needed to make them real.


EXPERT FACILIATION & MENTORSHIP  Wisdom Trust provides expert facilitation and mentorship to help navigate challenges as you're creating throughout the year. Tap into collective wisdom and receive practical guidance to accelerate personal and professional growth. Wisdom Trust's facilitators are trained coaches who have had phenomenal success cross-industry, and globally. They have been hand-selected for their breadth of knowledge, depth of being and ability to hold ideas, inquiry and action those concepts into plans. 


RESOURCE RICH & ITERATIVE This is an iterative program which means we are built on a solid foundation of curriculum designed to inspire and engage a raise in your consciousness, while also pulling in resources needed for your individual transformation. Gain access to a wealth of practical resources, engaging labs, and thought-provoking courses designed to enhance this journey. There will be monthly Group Wisdom Calls, live Q&A Office Hours, Pod Coaching Sessions with smaller groups and two retreats included throughout the year for community building. 


ACHIEVE PDAG Each participant Participants are guided through a proven 7-step CLARITY model to create and achieve Purpose Driven Audacious Goal (PDAG). It's the one goal that if it were to be real in the next 12-months, not only would everyone around you be touched by it, but who-you-are would also transform. PDAG's are designed to create flow state with the community and are a combination of mission-driven and high hard goals. 


STEP INTO PURPOSE & END THE SOLO JOURNEY No longer settle for a routine that lacks fulfillment. This isn't just about professional development although your business will transform as your way of being transforms; it's a journey to expand your very essence.


  • 1 one-on-one Coaching call (60 minutes) to get clarity on your PDAG. You'll define it and tinker with it. 
  • 1 Monthly Wisdom Group Call (90 minutes) with entire cohort. Think of this as a jumping off point for the month. We'll explore both the mystical and practical aspects of creation, consciousness and how it connects to PDAGs.
  • 1 Monthly PodCall (90 minutes) This is bridging from the concept in the Wisdom Call to the practicality and action of what you're unto in the world. Expertly facilitated by our world class coaches. 
  • 1 Q&A LIVE SESSION (90 minutes): This is your chance to show up with challenges, challenging questions, curiosities, how-to. Moderated by Imiloa CEO and Wisdom Trust Curator Jake Sasseville. What you ask benefits everyone else in these sessions. Think of it as the most interactive “Office Hours.”
  • LABS (as needed). The fourth Monday of each month, the coaches and facilitators will gather and iterate on where the group is. Together, we'll book guests, resources and source material that will iterate and support whatever is “alive” for the group to unstuck individuals who are sharing in similar challenges. 
  • Private Community group for ongoing support, feedback and community. CIRCLE is the all-in-one community gathering platform and this will be an on-going resource during enrollment. 
  • 15% Savings on any Imiloa property:  For as long as you're a Wisdom Trust member, you'll get 15% savings on any Imiloa contract or as an attendee of a retreat hosted at Imiloa.  
  • Two Retreats: Month 3 and Month 11 feature retreats. At Wisdom Trust, we believe in gathering well, and gathering intentionally. Retreat #1 will be at a domestic location in the US and is fully inclusive (except airfare). Retreat #2 will be in Costa Rica at Imiloa and will be (+$1500 only). Both retreats will feature light structure, fully included of transportation at the destination, gourmet cuisine, expert facilitation and a few special surprises too.  

This program is right for you if:


The right-fit clients for Wisdom Trust are high-achieving individuals who realize that their family, team-mates or business partners aren't enough to support them in getting unstuck and out of the day to day. They want a future worth living into and want a roadmap and community to get them there. 


You're ready to be shaped by your circumstances, not defined by them. If you're ready to craft a future that transcends the ordinary, a future so compelling that it touches, transforms, and inspires everyone around you, then Wisdom Trust could be right for your journey.


If you want to be part of a movement for a better world that is rooted in vision, results, metrics and meaningfulness, with a community that gathers well and gathers intentionally, then this program is right for you. This is about being at home within yourself in the process, not seeking a destination outside of yourself. 

“Nature rewards those who go all the way.” Jacob Nordby

How Does It Work?

A MOVEMENT BEGINS: Submit your $997 Deposit. Choose to pay in full and save $2,000 or continue monthly payment plans. Book your one-on-one kick-off coaching call and join CIRCLE: The all in one community gathering platform. 

Choose your PDAG (Purpose Driven Audacious Goal) for something important to you – a stake in the ground that moves you into becoming the person you to need to be to get there while bringing greater fulfillment, delight and joy to the present moment.  

Log-in to CIRCLE and grab dates for Monthly Wisdom Calls, Q&As, Pod Coaching Calls and block off the retreat dates in your calendar. Meet the community and begin considering how your way of being in the world is already beginning to shift as you embark on the journey. 


Jake Sasseville

Jake Sasseville is the founder and CEO of Imiloa Institute. He’s a serial media, music, and hospitality entrepreneur, author, and podcaster. Before Imiloa, he was the youngest host in late-night TV history on ABC, and the White House named him one of the most “innovative entrepreneurs under 30.” Imiloa is booked years in advance, and clients renew at a rate of 86%.
INC Magazine wrote that Jake has “more than enough chutzpah” to scale any business, and Huffington Post wrote that he’s built an impactful career at “the intersection of culture and consciousness.” As part of Wisdom Trust, he's serving as curator, inviting in the curriculum coaches, pod coaches and collaborating on the shared vision of the Wisdom Trust.

Mokay Kamara

Mokay Kamara is a graduate of Thunderbird School of Management with his Masters in Business Administration.  He has served as lead change management specialist for Chevron, Exxon Mobile. Mokay has also been responsible for developing strategy for leading hospitality businesses on the African continent. He's currently an executive coach and joins the Wisdom Trust as pod coach.


Jenn Christie

Jenn Christie is a strategic and transformational leader with over 15 years of experience, specializing in driving operational excellence and spearheading go-to-market strategies. As an executive leader, she has expertise in enhancing team performance, fostering an inclusive culture, and scaling business processes for sustainable growth. Jenn has a rich background in sales and business operations, with a track record of leading cross-functional teams and managing key account relationships to consistently surpass targets.

Notably, she has provided transformative coaching for over four years, working alongside industry giants like Dean Graziosi and Tony Robbins, contributing to significant growth and leadership development. Her career is marked by a passion for mentorship and a commitment to operational excellence.


The 7 Promises of the Wisdom Trust


  1. We will cultivate peace no matter the circumstances.
  2. Fear will take a back seat.
  3. We will experience freedom and greater peace as individuals and as a community.
  4. We will enjoy enhanced focus, bringing our awareness into the present moment.
  5. We will know more deeply that our power comes from our authentic presence.
  6. We will embody boundaries and receptivity for both focus and expansion.
  7. Life will take on new meaning.  To thrive and celebrate other's success, to be of service, to feel the connection to self and community,  to see a fellowship grow around you, to have a host of meaningful friendships – this is the experience of membership.


BONUSES: Over $9,000 in Just in Bonuses for Signing Up now!


1 All-Inclusive Vision Trust Retreat in the US (Domestic) and 1 Vision Trust Retreat in Costa Rica at Imiloa (Value $5,000). Experience the connection of community twice, offline, and in person. Month 3 will have us gathering in the United States. We'll kick off the year with facilitation and exploration. Fully included in your enrollment. The end-of-year retreat at Imiloa is our capstone gathering, as we move to completing well, reflecting and iterating on what's next. (Airfare not included, everything else included. Experience at Imiloa is +$1500). 


Pay in Full and Save: Register with a deposit of $997 now and decide before your next 30-day payment to pay in full and save or continue your payments.  ($2000 value to pay in full) 


Founders Price: After this initial cohort, the tuition for Wisdom Trust will go up. Your rate and benefits will be locked in for the lifetime of the program.  



2 Additional Months of the Program as our Gift!: Gain clarity with your one-on-one vision coaching session and have access to November and December's bonus coaching calls to powerfully complete 2023. Your Wisdom Trust 12-months will begin in January and wrap up in December of 2024.  ($1,997 value) 





Pay Plan –

Founding Members

$1,297 $997

12 monthly payments

  first of 12 months. Take 30 days to decide if you want to pay in full at $9,997 (20% discount)


What is Imiloa's Wisdom Trust?

Imiloa's Wisdom Trust is an immersive program that aims to create a community of transformational leaders and provide them the support they need to elevate their life and business. The goal is to create a compelling future that inspires not only the participant but also those around them.

What are the key benefits of joining Imiloa's Wisdom Trust?

By joining the Wisdom Trust, you become part of a diverse, focused community working towards individual and collective success. You gain clarity and momentum from community support and expert coaching. The program helps you set and achieve mission-level, high hard, and clear smaller goals. Finally, you get unstuck, feel supported, and experience enhanced creativity.

What does the program include?

The program includes one-on-one calls, monthly group content calls, and “Ask Anything” sessions with the CEO. It also provides access to live labs throughout the year, a private Facebook group, and special discounts on any Imiloa property.

Who is this program for?

This program is for individuals ready to claim an inspired future beyond the day-to-day and those compelled to create a future that inspires growth and expansion. If you want to be part of a movement rooted in vision, results, quality relationships, and personal fulfillment, this program is for you.

How does the program work?

After submitting your deposit and booking your one-on-one coaching call, you then choose a Purpose Driven Audacious Goal (PDAG) for something important to you. Finally, you participate in monthly coaching calls, pod sessions, Q&As, Labs, and other resources.

Who are the community leaders in Imiloa's Wisdom Trust?

The community leadership team includes Jake Sasseville, CEO of Imiloa plus thought leaders and business coaches from various backgrounds.

What are the promises of the Wisdom Trust?

The Wisdom Trust promises to cultivate peace, experience individual and community freedom, enhance focus, deepen understanding of authentic power, embody boundaries and receptivity, and provide an experience of meaningful membership.

What bonuses are included in the program?

Bonuses include an all-inclusive Vision Trust Retreat to Imiloa Costa Rica, enrollment before a certain date, a pay-in-full discount, and two additional months of the program as a gift.

What are the payment options for the program?

As founding members of Imiloa's Wisdom Trust, you can either pay in full with a one-time payment of $9,997 or opt for a pay plan of $997 for 12 monthly payments, which will be your forever price as long as you are enrolled in the program.

How can I enroll in Imiloa's Wisdom Trust?

You can enroll in Imiloa's Wisdom Trust by clicking on the “Enroll Now” link provided on the website.

What is the Purpose Driven Audacious Goal (PDAG)?

The PDAG is a mission-level goal you choose for something important to you. It serves as a stake in the ground that propels you into becoming the person you need to be to achieve it.

What is the "Ask Anything" session with the CEO?

The “Ask Anything” session is a monthly opportunity for participants to directly ask questions and seek advice from Jake Sasseville, the CEO of Imiloa. Jake is expert at creating community that is collaborative and in driving solutions using collective consciousness. 

What is the Liftoff Series?

The Liftoff Series gets you the support you need 12 weeks before a key milestone in the PDAG. That means calls with our coaches 2x per week leading up to a key milestone. We've got your back.

What are live LABS?

Live labs are interactive sessions held throughout the year as part of the program based on group consciousness in what the lead coach and pod coaches are seeing could be valuable trainings for the co-hort. 

What is the Vision Trust Retreat to Imiloa Costa Rica?

The Vision Trust Retreat is an all-inclusive trip to Imiloa Costa Rica for program participants. It's a chance to grow in deep connection and community with your co-hort, teachers, and special guests.

How long does the program last?

The program lasts for 12 months. However, if you pay in full or enroll before October 19th, you receive two additional months as a gift. The official kickoff of the program will be January 9th and run through December. 

What does it mean to "show up in a courageous way"?

Showing up in a courageous way means stepping into your potential, overcoming challenges, and pursuing your goals despite fear or uncertainty.

What does being "at home within yourself" mean?

Being “at home within yourself” refers to a state of self-acceptance, self-awareness, and inner peace. It's about feeling comfortable and secure in your identity and capabilities.

What kind of support can I expect from the community?

The community provides support in the form of peer learning, collective ideation, coaching, and resources. It's a space where members can share ideas, challenges, and successes, and receive feedback and encouragement.

How can I contact Imiloa's Wisdom Trust for more information?

You enroll or book a one-on-one call now with our CEO. 

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