A Different Type of Vacation Rental Experience at Imiloa, Come Home With Everything Taken Care Of

When you arrive at Imiloa, it feels like coming home.

Imiloa is not just saying you will feel ‘at home’, we truly deliver the full service experience. We have created 17 individual home-away-from-home accommodations on 22 acres of Costa Rican rainforest, perched in the Savegre mountains where the jungle meets the Pacific Ocean.

Co-founders Jake, India and Nadav dreamed and designed Imiloa Institute to be a transformative destination for the connection, healing and advancement of human beings. Whether you’re a family or friends gathering together, Imiloa Institute campus is designed to gift you and your group, a nurturing home-away-from-home journey staying with us. When we aren’t hosting transformational teachers, workshops or events, we open our luxurious conference retreat center up to a select number of families, friend groups and others looking to have a superior five-star barefoot vacation experience.

From touch-down to take off, our wonderful Imiloa team is here to support your adventure or celebrations with an exceptional crew who were each hired for heart & humility, connection to our mission and commitment to your ultimate extraordinary vacation rental experience. They are so dedicated to you seeing the best of Costa Rica, and experiencing your loved ones or colleagues in ways you would have only dreamed possible before.


Imiloa is the perfect group getaway that’s completely different than anything you’ve experienced before. A kaleidoscope of suites all in one place — accommodations range from 200-year-old homes imported from Bali, Jungalows on the way down to our private waterfall and Sacred Geometric Geodesic River domes.

We have a variety of unique vacation rental spaces perfect for families and groups looking for a 5-star all-inclusive experience with all of the add-on options you desire. You’ll be immersed in high-end facilities and a full-service center of wellness & evolutionary transformation during your group’s stay with us.

Each stay comes with our on-site coordination team, and each type of accommodation comes equipped with its own unique features, making sure that your every travel need and stay with us is met with an unparalleled touch.

We can coordinate any one of hundreds of excursions within a 1-hour drive of Imiloa.

We have one of the most sought after Chefs in the country preparing a detoxifying, rejuvenating mouth-watering array of plant-based food.

Door to door transport including, private plane to Imiloa’s landing strip (20 minutes away), full coordination, event planning and logistics.

At Imiloa, we are the perfect getaway that’s a completely unique experience customized to you. We can host up to 44 depending onsite accommodations and more with surrounding homes. We can produce all aspects of your event or vacation, whether it’s activities, chill time, birthday party or a wedding. It’s an immersive 5-star experience with plenty of options.

We are excited about the possibility of supporting your vacation rental vision at Imiloa.

Please take the next step in scheduling a Discovery Call with our Co-Founder and President Jake Sasseville to explore how Imiloa is the perfect spot to book your next vacation.

Everything you’re used to orchestrating when putting together a celebratory trip is completely taken care of by our team at Imiloa. Along with helping you choose the right type amenities for your group, we also include our all-inclusive 5-star approach.

At Imiloa, we treat every query with dedication and discretion for a tailor-made experience that is unforgettable. We are proud to be the chosen home away from home for families and groups requiring privacy and confidentiality and we provide a level of authenticity in the service and planning offering that most 5-Star experiences miss.

At Imiloa, we treat every query with complete dedication and discretion for a tailor-made experience that is unforgettable. Our magical property sleeps groups of 17 to 44 people.

Bali Homes

Luxury 200 Year Old Bali Accommodations: Joglo, Potoo, Master, Bali 1 & 2

Featuring outdoor showers, salt water pool, or soaking tub. And the most spectacular seacliff jungle views!

Geodesic Domes

Six serene & private accommodations, with 3-piece bathroom and private deck nestled along the river. Each dome sleeps 1-4 people.

Jungle Bungalows

Six high-end rooms with bath tubs and private balcony facing the jungle. Sleeping 1-2 people.

The House of Masters

2,700 sq ft Balinese structure perfect for yoga, meditation or dance parties

The Heart of Imiloa

Stunning 2,200 sq ft multi-purpose space for meals and hanging out

We are a nature lovers paradise and our accommodations reflect just that. For groups who yearn for adventure, our Geodesic Domes are a wonderful option. Our property has six Buckminster Fuller-inspired Geodesic Domes that are some of the best made in the world. Imported flooring, three-piece baths, a deck with river path leading to your private zen meditation area on the river, these domes boast an expansive possibility for an experience unlike any other. They are partially solar-powered and are in the prehistoric “Jurassic Jungle.” Your group can experience the soothing sounds of water and experience nature unlike anywhere else on the planet.

Our Jungle Bungalows (“Jungalows”) are six structures built on the way down to our private waterfall. These Jungalows are a great option for a group that likes a mixture of adventure and luxury. The interiors are all-wood, featuring a luxurious bathtub exposed to the sloths, monkeys, and jungle at large.

 If your group is looking to stay in the lap of luxury with impeccable views, our 200-Year Old Bali Homes up on the cliffs overlooking the Pacific are a perfect choice. Featuring over 12,000 square feet of space overlooking thousands of acres and the South Pacific coast, our three Bali Homes (five sleeping rooms total, 8 beds, are imported from Indonesia and boast hand-carved Teek wood architecture.

Vacationing at Imiloa also means you will have access to everything on site. You’ll experience our 250m² Balinese super-structure for yoga and other activities (known as our “House of Masters”). The structure hangs 100 feet in the trees and could serve as your spa, yoga studio, gathering space or ceremonial space, too.

You’ll also have easy access to the “HEART” of Imiloa: A stunning 200m² area of dining, multi-use, loungy and relaxation space. Perfect for break out sessions, dining, dancing, deepenings, relaxing or individual meditation, and rejuvenation.

Your group’s dining experience is another essential element filled with elegance, possibility and pure delight. When you book at Imiloa, your entire food experience is handled. Custom menus, collaboration, cooking classes with the incredible Chef Pedro all are possible. Alternatively, we can take care of it all based on preferences and we’ll ensure you have the very best of the best.

Our all-inclusive approach also includes all (private charter from San Jose to Imiloa, and unlimited ground transport during your stay). Easy access to spiritual activities and healing treatments at the Institute, both on and off-campus. Anything that your group may anticipate, our team will work to customize options specifically tailored to your preferences.

Whether you’re seeking the luxurious amenities of our Bali Homes or the adventurous side of a Geodesic Dome, Imiloa Institute provides an unrivaled vacation rental experience inspired by the rugged, natural beauty of Costa Rica’s untouched secondary rainforest.

We offer all of the off-the-beaten-path healing experiences without sacrificing 5-star comfort and luxury.

We couldn’t be more excited to show you, your family and friends, a version of Costa Rica that you’ve never seen before! Welcome home.

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