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Welcome Home

Imiloa Institute is a home and an experience where human beings are invited to awaken their consciousness.

We are founded on the leadership principle that together, through a spirit of service and a posture of learning, we can cause the individual and social transformation of the planet.

We'd like to tell you a story. It's our origin story and our origin story begins with you… each new and returning guest, and our hosts.

Sure, we have gourmet food, a team that feels so familiar, like family and a campus-in-nature setting that feels more like a national park than a retreat center. At our core, this is a place where the magic of exploration meets the heart of transformation as you reconnect with nature and yourself. When you arrive at Imiloa, as a leading educator, transformational leader or retreat host, or as a treasured guest, you quickly recognize Imiloa isn't a place. It's the feeling of community, support, nourishment and love and it lives within all of us who have been touched by it.

For retreat hosts and transformational leaders, Imiloa is your partner in creating unforgettable experiences. We understand your dream is not only a wildly successful retreat. It's an aligned business around a powerful stand you take for those who you serve. We share the desire to cause impact on the planet. We do it by ensuring you're not alone: You have a dedicated team of 50 people who support you in marketing, sales, concierge, event planning and execution, cuisine, guest management, facilitation, surprise and delights and more. We include support in every area of the experience, from private planes and luxury ground transportation, coordinating the schedule, experiences and excursions you want to drive the themes and teachings you care about so you get to show up with grace and ease.  

For our guests, your journey starts the moment you say YES. You'll touchdown at San Jose International Airport (SJO). Imagine being greeted by our concierge team who will guide you to customs and baggage, and then to your private plane with the other guests. Soon, you'll find yourself soaring over Costa Rica headed to Imiloa. As you land, our team will be there to help you off the plane. Your baggage? It's already on the way to Imiloa and will be in your room by the time you arrive. Relax and enjoy getting to know fellow guests and our Imiloa team on the 25 minute drive from Quepos to Imiloa. 

As you arrive at Imiloa's HEART, you'll be greeted by more of our special team and your retreat host. Cold towels, infused with Imiloa's signature scent, refreshing mocktails, delectable vegan delights that'll have you doing second takes and a warm introduction from Team Imiloa. Afterwards, enjoy a property tour, gourmet lunch and off to your accommodations to refresh as your retreat begins. 

At Imiloa, every detail for every person is taken care of from ticketing to touchdown, through the transformation to takeoff. Between scheduled sessions, you'll enjoy our plunge pools, best-in-class spa practioniers, breathtaking views of the Pacific, hikes on our mountain or immersing yourself in our waterfall. 

We believe in the power of transformation and that a retreat may be one of the best ways to get there. We believe it can happen in an instant — but you must discover something new about yourself, another or the world around you. Imiloa is designed for your discovery, wonder and awe. The retreat is just the beginning. Imiloa is just the catalyst. Your reconnection with nature and what you’re learning from your retreat leader lives with you long after you leave.And in that way, when you leave, you become a part of our Origin Story, carrying the magic of Imiloa into your community. We can't wait to meet you. 

I had the most outstanding experience at Imiloa and it has transformed my business and career. I've hosted at many retreat centers over the last 20 years, and Imiloa is my favorite. Their attention to detail? Unmatched. Their support of me as a teacher? 360. The food? Gourmet five-star cuisine, and I can't find a restaurants like Imiloa anywhere in the Boston area!

You'll have the best time. You'll renew like me. You'll invite friends and colleagues to host like me, too. You'll want for others what you'll have discovered at Imiloa.

Imiloa has thought of every detail for hosts and have a “Surprise and Delight” team for guests where they research guests before ever arriving and create moments that are personalized to them throughout the retreat to surprise them… and delight them. They'll be speechless and thankful you chose Imiloa for them.


Danielle MacKinnon

2x Imiloa Retreat Host

Jungle Luxury

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Transformational Retreats

Explore upcoming Imiloa experiences with world-famous masters & teachers, eat amazing vegan cuisine, deepen your practices, make unforgettable friendships and come back refreshed and enriched.

SoulFULL Living Retreat

SoulFULL Living Retreat

Your path towards a life of purpose, significance, belonging, freedom, balance, and joy is waiting for you here. Say yes to YOU and start living the SoulFULL Life you most desire!

JULY 27 – AUGUST 1, 2024

Imiloa is one of a kind.

It’s a mix of deep rooted nature with a waterfall included, and is also high end luxury. I fell in love with the entire team. The operations group is incredible and holds a needed and beautiful container of groundedness. The Chef changed the game in how I view vegan cuisine. It is the best food I’ve ever had in my life. Thank you.

Raven Marie

International multidimensional holistic specialist. Master Energy Worker.Plant Medicine Integration. Speaker. Writer.

Wow, Imiloa. I will continue to be a loud trumpet signaling to everyone I know that Imiloa is a special place.

Truly first-rate across the board. This was the 35th retreat that I've led over my 20 year teaching career, and it reaffirmed in my mind that Imiloa is my favorite venue that I've ever used.

Congratulations to this team on all the hard work to execute the vision that was birthed all those years ago. I hope that we can keep doing this together for another 20 years.

Geoffrey Roniger

Founder of Yoga Unbound, New Orleans, LA, 2x retreat host

Imiloa is a sacred and beautiful place.

It provided rest for my soul and nourishment for my body unlike any I’ve ever experienced. I want to gather up all my friends and family and bring them with me to Imiloa the next time I go. That way, they’d get to experience the love and grace that I received during my time there. I can’t thank the Imiloa team enough for what they’ve created. Forever grateful.

Chad Michael Snively

Founder & Executive Producer at CMStudio Nashville.

Working with Imiloa is likejoining a family.

I felt so supported and welcomed, from detailed advice that took away any anxiety, to warm hugs from everyone, and simple clarity in how we collaborate. The Imiloa experience is such a treat.

Lise Melvin

United Nation Strategy & Outreach Director

Design Your Retreat

With almost 100 clients, Imiloa has surprised and delighted first time retreat hosts to veteran clients by providing full “Retreats Specialists” support to your events.

From ticketing to touchdown, transformation to takeoff, Imiloa’s high-end facilities, full nature immersion, gourmet conscious comfort food experience and kind-hearted team walk alongside you planning and executing every intentional detail of the gathering.

Whether you’re hosting a corporate event, transformational workshop, yoga training, painting or medical intuitive retreat, men’s gathering, international mystery school, educational certification or other gathering, Imiloa shows up like no other center on the planet.

Your journey starts with our Client Success and Happiness Team. They walk you through our Discovery Process until you choose to sign a contract to make sure we’re a great fit to be working with each other.

Then, you will be introduced to our Retreats Team, our Property and Finance team. We’ll ensure your retreat planning and flow is on track and aligned from the moment you onboard until the moment you arrive. 

Then, once you land in Costa Rica, our Retreats Team seamlessly transition you to our Welcome Home Team. The Welcome Home Team ensures every aspect of the ground logistics, creative, food, transport, aesthetics and activities is handled. Their motto is “Yes… and?”

That means anything you, or any participant asks for, we accommodate. Since its founding in 2018, Imiloa has enjoyed 99% 4.9 and 5-Star reviews in our guest surveys and a 77% re-booking rate by those who choose to host with us.

Explore all that Imiloa has to offer…