Transformational retreats and
group experiences in eco-luxury
with plant-based cuisine

Welcome Home

Imiloa Institute is a home and an experience where human beings are invited to awaken their consciousness.

We are founded on the leadership principle that together, through a spirit of service and a posture of learning, we can cause the individual and social transformation of the planet.

As a participant of any retreat, the high-class experience starts from the moment landing at SJO (San Jose International Airport, Costa Rica). Our concierge team will locate you most times when you exit the plane, bring you through customs and to your baggage. From there, you’ll be brought to your private aircraft just for you and retreat participants to be flown 15 minutes to Imiloa.

At the Quepos landing strip, friendly Imiloa team will pick you up in LUX SUVs. The next time you’ll see your baggage will be in your accommodation. Enjoy the 25 minute drive to Imiloa and up the hill to the top.

The retreat host will be eagerly waiting for you. Cold towels, drinks and snacks are usually served, with an opening from team Imiloa and a beautiful journey to your rooms.

We handle everything once you book a ticket with us – from ticketing to touchdown, transformation to takeoff. That means you get to be fully present with your retreat, and in the very “alive” secondary jungle of the Savegre Mountains.

In between scheduled time with your retreat lead, enjoy our salt water pools, private waterfalls, mountain meets the ocean jungle hikes, spa services that will cause you to go deep inward. Your experience at Imiloa, by design, is sensual. All senses activated, you’re more open to discovery.

We believe you must discover something new in order to experience transformation.

The retreat is just the beginning. Imiloa is just the catalyst. Your reconnection with nature and what you’re learning lives with you long after you take off. Something gets imprinted on you and you become apart of a growing global Imiloa Family.

Our team expertly handles everything for hosts from ticketing to touchdown, transformation to takeoff allowing you to focus on clients and curriculum.

World Class Luxury

Explore all that Imiloa has to offer…


Whether you’re in 200 year old homes from Bali on the cliff, Geodesic Domes deep in the Jurrasic Jungle or Jungalows with bathtubs out to our unofficial sloth sanctuary, you’ll have a story to tell about your stay at Imiloa.


At Imiloa, we like to call our food “conscious comfort food.” That means we serve healthy, locally-sourced, gourmet vegan meals that are as artistically plated, scientifically nourishing and delightfully crafted for all of our retreat guests.

Salt Water Pools And Spas Overlooking The Ocean

We have one main pool, and two private pools, with salt water, begging for you to lounge, create, learn and play. Chill areas throughout the upper ridge, overlooking the mighty Pacific, enjoy your time unwinding and rewind back in time 200 years to Indonesia as each of the homes are 160+ years old.

House of Masters

It’s where the world comes to learn. It’s a 250m² Balinese super-structure and classroom, hanging 100 feet in the jungle. It’s equipped for your audio-visual needs. Often used for workshops, yoga, meditation, gatherings and dance parties.

The Heart of Imiloa

This is at the center of the property. The space is a blended design honoring the indigenous of Costa Rica and imported Balinese pieces. “Heart” is 200m² of dining, multi-use, loungy and relaxation space. Perfect for break out sessions, dining, dancing, deepenings, relaxing or individual meditation and rejuvenation.

Untouched Nature

Miles of jungle pathways that lead to different gems on the property, including our private waterfall, named by the priests of the Indigenous Tribe (Kogis, from Colombia) “Morundwa.” The tribe visited Imiloa, as many tribes do, and activated our waterfall.

Transformational Retreats

Explore upcoming Imiloa experiences with world-famous masters & teachers, eat amazing vegan cuisine, deepen your practices, make unforgettable friendships and come back refreshed and enriched.

Scaling Your Mindset to Scale Your Business

A holistic and transformative experience designed with a sole purpose: granting you time and space to invest in yourself, allowing you to reconnect with the powerful, authentic leader you are born to be.

OCTOBER 1–6, 2021

Costa Rica Jungle Immersion

A 5-day immersive retreat to reconnect with your body, heart and soul in the rhythms of nature

SEPTEMBER 16-20, 2021

Essential Yoga with Geoffrey Roniger

This unique yoga retreat is guaranteed to replenish your energy, restore your sense of wonder, and expand your perspective of self and world. It is an invitation for renewal on every level of your being.

JANUARY 5-10, 2022

Imiloa is one of a kind.

It’s a mix of deep rooted nature with a waterfall included, and is also high end luxury. I fell in love with the entire team. The operations group is incredible and holds a needed and beautiful container of groundedness. The Chef changed the game in how I view vegan cuisine. It is the best food I’ve ever had in my life. Thank you.

Raven Marie

International multidimensional holistic specialist. Master Energy Worker.Plant Medicine Integration. Speaker. Writer.

Imiloa is a sacred and beautiful place.

It provided rest for my soul and nourishment for my body unlike any I’ve ever experienced. I want to gather up all my friends and family and bring them with me to Imiloa the next time I go. That way, they’d get to experience the love and grace that I received during my time there. I can’t thank the Imiloa team enough for what they’ve created. Forever grateful.

Chad Michael Snively

Founder & Executive Producer at CMStudio Nashville.

Working with Imiloa is likejoining a family.

I felt so supported and welcomed, from detailed advice that took away any anxiety, to warm hugs from everyone, and simple clarity in how we collaborate. The Imiloa experience is such a treat.

Lise Melvin

United Nation Strategy & Outreach Director

Design Your Retreat

With almost 100 clients, Imiloa has surprised and delighted first time retreat hosts to veteran clients by providing full “Retreats Specialists” support to your events.

From ticketing to touchdown, transformation to takeoff, Imiloa’s high-end facilities, full nature immersion, gourmet conscious comfort food experience and kind-hearted team walk alongside you planning and executing every intentional detail of the gathering.

Whether you’re hosting a corporate event, transformational workshop, yoga training, painting or medical intuitive retreat, men’s gathering, international mystery school, educational certification or other gathering, Imiloa shows up like no other center on the planet.

Your journey starts with our Client Success and Happiness Team. They walk you through our Discovery Process until you choose to sign a contract to make sure we’re a great fit to be working with each other.

Then, your Client Success Lead coordinates your Celebration call to meet the team. You’ll meet your Project Manager Marketing Team, Retreats Team and Property and Finance team. We’ll ensure messaging and flow is aligned to you and your brand so your participants receive the same high-touch experience.

Then, once you land in Costa Rica, our Client Success and Happiness Team seamlessly transitions you to our Welcome Home Team. The Welcome Home Team ensures every aspect of the ground logistics, creative, food, transport, aesthetics and activities is handled. Their motto is “Yes… and?”

That means anything you, or any participant asks for, we accommodate. Since its founding in 2018, Imiloa has enjoyed 99% 4.9 and 5-Star reviews in our guest surveys and a 77% re-booking rate by those who choose to host with us.

Explore all that Imiloa has to offer…