At Imiloa, we understand not everyone will initially be curious about what a week of plant-based eating looks like. 

We ask you to accept our invitation into a new possibility. 

We understand the science and art behind plant based eating. Just as living in the jungle overlooking the ocean is an experience for the week, so, too, is our gourmet plant based cuisine. It’s designed to create a new possibility – nothing more and nothing less. 

We understand the 22 amino acids that are required for protein building. The body generates about half of them, and the other half are from foods you consume. With vegan cuisine, you can get the other half of amino acids but it comes from combining the right foods, not just the foods themselves (i.e., rice and beans is considered a “whole” protein). 

We want you to nourish your body by supplying it with some of the freshest and most flavorful ingredients you've ever tasted in your life. So while our pretty mocktails and superfood smoothies consisting of a blend of fresh fruits and veggies are a huge hit, we have much more to offer.

Our guests can enjoy the delicious cuisine prepared by our skilled chefs. Even if you're not vegan and currently eat meat, cheese, and eggs, rest assured that the food served at our retreat is truly one of a kind and will certainly satisfy your craving for something delicious. With plenty of offerings available, you never have to worry about going hungry during your stay at Imiloa. Imiloa gets a 4.9+ out of 5 rating in guest surveys for the cuisine experience, despite 73% of our guests also identifying as meat eaters or animal product consumers. It’s a tall order to live by and we enjoy surprising and delighting guests with gourmet meals. 

Worried about not having access to comfort food? It's not a problem. Our renowned chefs use locally sourced ingredients to prepare the most delicious and comforting vegan meals using fresh, wholesome ingredients that nourish  your mind and body. You can request additional food anytime. 

In addition to providing three vegan meals per day, we ensure our guests have access to the freshest fruit and assorted nutritious snacks between meals. When you have the opportunity to try plant-based eating, you can experience the difference it makes and may choose to stick with it, even after you go home.