Office Hours: Ask Jake Anything

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Are you a retreat host in the middle of trying to produce or sell out an event and craving more support, or even better, a community to learn from?

Do you want to elevate your business in relationship to other entrepreneurs? 

Office Hours has been coaching thousands of leaders and entrepreneurs for the last year.

We're an open community and you have an open invitation with the CEO and Founder of Imiloa and our core leadership team alongside special guests that support you in scaling your impact-driven business from $100,000 to $10 million+ a year in revenue.

At Imiloa, we deeply support retreat hosts, educators, community organizers and transformational leaders to their highest purpose and profit. One hundred percent of our clients win one hundred percent of the time (no retreat cancellations in the last year) and we use Office Hours to open our kimono, be in conversation with you and reveal all our secrets. 

We know many who join Office Hours aren't yet hosting at Imiloa and that's OK! We want you to be successful entrepreneurs and transformational leaders even if you're hosting at other retreat centers.

Use us as a sounding board, a classroom, and inspiration to take the next leap in your business or get 1:1 coaching in our breakout rooms.

Even if you're just looking to be connect and listen to others, Office Hours gives you the support you know you deserve so you can show up in your business the way you've always dreamed. 

We'll talk about whatever's most important to you — personal or business – and help breakthrough whatever's holding you back. It's a supportive community, with tons of support in the chat and those who have “been there, done that and succeeded.

Our promises to you: It's 100% LIVE. It's raw, real and uncensored. Our community is woven weekly, complete with imperfections and learnings. That's the magic of Imiloa's growing global community. 

This is right for anyone hosting retreats or events (at Imiloa or worldwide), or people who are educators, wellness professionals, entrepreneurs, those in the healing arts, coaches or anyone thinking of transformational events as part of their impact driven business.  

Why You Should Register:

  • Tailored Support: Whether you’re a client or not, we’re here to boost your business, retreats, and life.
  • Real Solutions: Struggling with filling your retreat or effective enrollment strategies? Let’s tackle these challenges together.
  • Expert Insights: Learn from Jake's 10-step process to convert objections into commitments and gain valuable knowledge about Imiloa.
  • Community Engagement: Connect with others, share your questions, and benefit from collective wisdom.

What's On The Table

Unique Challenges

Bring your specific retreat or business issues, and let's brainstorm solutions.

Exclusive Access

Get firsthand insights about Imiloa and how it can benefit you.

Special Guests

Learn from world experts invited to address your most pressing questions.

Register below to join any Wednesday – and yes, you can keep coming back!