When planning a trip to amazing Costa Rica for a travel experience of a lifetime, you may wonder which season is the absolute best for visiting. Jake Sasseville, CEO of Imiloa  says, “You may be surprised to learn that it's not quite what you think.” While some countries have four seasons, Costa Rica only has two, Green and Dry. 

Summer in Costa Rica begins in January and ends in April. It's a great time to visit the country because it's the drier period, meaning you're less likely to deal with rain. However, a short period between Costa Rica's dry and green season is the “shoulder” season (May-August). Arguably, that’s when Imiloa’s weather, and Costa Rica’s weather, is at its best.

Some assume that August-November is a rainy washout. At Imiloa, that’s not the case. We generally see sun from 6am to 2pm on these days, with a high likelihood of thunderstorms and gorgeous, settling rain in the afternoon. This is perfectly paced for meditation, intuitive and other workshop-based retreats where outdoor activities can be done in the morning and afternoon can be for spa and integration experiences, on campus excursions, sound healing, kitchen classes and more. 

Because not everyone knows the weather is decent, Costa Rica is often less populated, providing visitors with the opportunity to explore and enjoy new experiences without long waits at the airport or crowds at tourist attractions.

Those who want to experience time on the beach may enjoy visiting Costa Rica between January and February because that's when it's often the warmest with no rain. However, if you're planning to enjoy the Imiloa experience, you can come to the area at any time of the year to begin your professional and personal transformation. 

We look forward to seeing you throughout the year while being there for you during the transformative experience of a lifetime. Experience the incredible beauty of Costa Rica and focus on self-reflection with a trip to the Imiloa Institute.