If you're planning a trip to Imiloa, you may wonder what will happen if you need to cancel the trip or reschedule for any reason. We recommend travel participants purchase cancel for any reason insurance, which is the best way to protect your investment and avoid experiencing a loss due to cancellation. 

When you purchase your retreat ticket from Imiloa, you will be asked to accept our terms and conditions and agree to purchase cancel for any reason insurance or (“CFAR”). CFAR is only available from Global Rescue if you purchase the insurance within 20 days of purchasing or putting the deposit on your retreat ticket.

While travel insurance is optional, and you don't have to invest in it if you don't want to, we believe it's the safest option for anyone planning a trip. The great thing about travel insurance is that you can conveniently use a provider of your choice based on the coverage level and the overall cost of the travel insurance. You can compare the options available and choose the policy you believe works best for you. 

At Imiloa, we partner with Global Rescue and highly recommend them because of their extensive travel policies, including medical, evacuation, and security options available to individuals and families planning to travel. The company also provides IMG's travel insurance that may include Cancel For Any Reason, which covers you whether you're sick, injured, or have a change of heart and want to cancel your trip.

What Do I Do If Cancel for Any Reason Isn’t Available in My State?

Keep in mind that some states have specific rules and regulations for insurance policies and in some states Cancel for Any Reason insurance isn’t available. Knowing if you're in one of those states before investing in travel insurance is essential because you don't want to waste your money. You can reach out to Global Rescue with any questions you might have. If the insurance isn't available in your state, the organization may be able to assist you further, providing you with alternative means of protection if you need to cancel your trip for any reason.