Welcome to the Imiloa Discovery Session

Click the video below to learn how Imiloa Institute has helped 250+ retreat hosts since 2018 be abundant and is your one-stop solution for ticketing, to touchdown, transformation to takeoff.

If Imiloa feels like a right fit for you and your community, scroll down to book a Shared Vision Call with one of our incredible team members.

Shared Vision Meeting

During your Shared Vision Meeting, get clear on all the details; the numbers, contract terms, retreat dates, your vision, and expectations. You get to review the retreat agreement and sign it when it feels right for you.

Imiloa's experience is unlike any other.

Click Play to hear from Geoffrey Roniger after the celebration of his 40th retreat, and his third at Imiloa, and why he keeps coming back to Imiloa again and again and again

Benefits to a Shared Vision Meeting:

(We encourage you to book this even if you aren’t clear on dates or still “shopping” around).

(We encourage you to book this even if you aren’t clear on dates or still “shopping” around).

  1. We’ll answer your specific questions from the Live Discovery Series
  2. We’ll talk about a clear path toward profitability for your retreat, including how we help you market and sell out your event 7x faster by coming on FAM TRIP.
  3. We'll share how taking action and signing a contract gets a $10,000 booking bonus
  4. We'll show you how to get a FREE TRIP to Costa Rica with other leaders just like you for our all-inclusive “FAM TRIP” after you sign a contract (100% our gift to you!)
  5. We'll share with you about our full marketing and sales support, concierge white-glove experience from your guests and the certainty that you need to enroll into your event with ease.
  6. Best part? Take action now, watch the Discovery Series and book your Shared Vision to receive $5,000 off on your deposit!