Have you thought about experiencing Imiloa on your own? Rather than going with a group of people, you can enjoy a solo trip and have the experience of a lifetime, learning more about yourself in the process. 

We’ve seen many weary guests join us as solo travelers only to discover that it might have been the best way to travel. It’s easy to adapt with Imiloa’s friendly and supportive team, and like-minded guests.

Check out these five mental and physical health benefits you can enjoy when attending an Imiloa retreat solo.

1. Rest & Relaxation

Experience a true sense of peace with an experience at Imiloa. You'll get a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and have the opportunity to focus more on yourself and what puts your mind at ease. You've never experienced rest and relaxation to this extent!

2. Clarity

Attending an Imiloa retreat on your own can help you clear your mind, giving you a greater sense of clarity. If you want to open your mind, eliminate stress and worry, and feel more at ease, the retreat can become a life-changing experience for you.

3. Less Stress and Anxiety

Learn to let go of the stress and anxiety that has such a hold on you while at the Imiloa retreat. You can learn to release everything that has built up inside you over the years so that it's like a weight becomes lifted from your shoulders. You can become one with yourself through the power of meditation and other healing practices you’ll experience while on retreat.

4. Boost in Self-Esteem & Self-Confidence

With a supportive team guiding the entire  way, you can go through the transition of a lifetime that boosts your self-esteem and self-confidence. Discover how to learn to love yourself and believe in everything you're capable of doing through healing and self-love exercises.

5. A Sense of Embodiment

In addition to improving your mental health, exercises performed at the retreat like hiking, swimming, and yoga can help you increase your connection  to your body. You may notice Improved flexibility, an increased sense of muscle strength or new sensations in your body as you experience new activities and move through the jungle.  

A trip to Imiloa may be just what you need to experience peace and tranquility while learning the value of self-love. If you're ready to reap the mental and physical benefits of the Imiloa Retreat, be sure to book your visit!