Host Frequently Asked Questions

Want to host at Imiloa and ready to learn more?

What is average ticket pricing?

Each retreat is priced separately by the host. 

In general, all-inclusive rates (excluding airfare to Costa Rica) are between $2,900 to $4,900. It depends on the host of the event, their qualifications and expertise, your accommodation choice, and number of people attending. 

Please visit our retreats page here. Alternatively, start planning your retreat experience here where you can specify when you want to travel and number of travelers. 

What does the average host charge for different accommodations?

Typically a private room is priced between $4000 – $5500. Double rooms between $3200-$4000. Triple rooms between $2700 – $3300. Every host has unique pricing, which the host ultimately decides on themselves, based on their desired revenue and which type of audience they are looking to attract.

Which accommodation do other hosts choose?

That depends! If you want to maximize your profits, we recommend staying in a dome/bungalow since these are typically priced lower than the Bali Village accommodations. To some hosts it’s very important to stay in a centrally located accommodation where they can stay connected to their participants, and for this, we recommend the Bali Suites, which are situated right around the shared infinity pool. Other hosts value VIP feel of privacy and plenty of space which make the VIP bali villas a perfect fit. Ultimately this decision is up to you as a host.

The benefits of a closed campus for you and your participants

The campus will be completely closed/private to just your retreat group. This ensures a more intimate and connected experience for your group.

Should I fly in the same day or before as my participants?

We recommend arriving the same day as your participants, but of course, feel free to inquire on availability if you would like to arrive the day before. If we have availability for you to stay on campus the day before, you are invited at no cost to you or your facilitators.

Does Imiloa have a gym on site?

We do not have a gym onsite, but we have a spacious and well-equipped yoga shala where you can practice as much as you want, outside the scheduled workshops. We also have plenty of jungle trails perfect for hiking.

Where exactly is Imiloa located?

Imiloa is located in the South Pacific area of Costa Rica. We are approximately 40 min north of Uvita and 1 hour of Manuel Antonio on the central pacific coast.

How big is Imiloa’s property?

Our property is 22 acres.

How many classroom spaces do you have for teaching?

We have a spacious yoga shala (300m2) perfect for leading larger groups, yoga, movement, meditations, sound therapy and other workshops. We also have a  space great for smaller groups and more intimate workshops such as cacao, journaling, sitting in a circle etc.

If I book a retreat, how is the payment structure?

Your contract is structured $cost per person per night (all included), multiplied by number of nights and the minimum requirement of 18 people. 

From your “contract value”, a 20% deposit is due to hold the dates. 

The remainder of your contract is split into equal payments between now and one month before your event, making it easy to cash flow the event and become profitable.

Please note: You do not need to bring 18 people. You can bring 10, or 15 (as hosts have done successfully before). Your contract value will still be based on 18 participants, and we’ll have to ensure you price your event appropriately to cover costs and be profitable (we’ve had many successful hosts who wish to bring less than eighteen participants.  

If you are curious about hosting at Imiloa and learning more, Apply to Host here, and you’ll be invited to join our Live Discovery Series and subsequently book a Shared Vision meeting with our Global Development Team. 

If I don’t have the money to pay when payment is due, will you cancel my retreat like the terms say? What if I have people signed up already?

Rarely do we cancel host contracts. We are looking for ideal core customers according to our years of research and successfully signing 150+ retreat hosts. We will be honest if we think you’re not a fit for hosting at Imiloa, for whatever reason. 

When you choose to sign a contract with us, this is a contractual obligation and we expect you to fulfill it, or provide adequate solutions in collaboration with us in order to fulfill the contract. We have a transfer-clause allowing you to transfer dates as we understand “life happens.”

How can I find out how many participants have signed up for my retreat?

Every time a participant signs up for your retreat, you will receive a copy of their purchase confirmation, so you are always notified of new sales. We will also send you sales reports, so you are supplied with a frequent and updated overview of your participants.

What if my participants stop paying for their tickets? Do you cancel their tickets and what happens with my earnings?

We give 15-days to cure any delinquent payments to hosts and participants. After that, they will be reached out to on multiple platforms up to 5 times before being sent to collections. At that point, you may choose to contact your guests or re-sell the space. Our terms and conditions clearly outline the protocol for this that participants and hosts sign when agreeing to host at Imiloa. 

If you have questions about a specific incident, please email Cindy and Alejandro on our finance team at

Am I responsible for a minimum of participants or a minimum contract amount? Which one is it?

You are responsible for the contract value. The contract value is calculated based on a minimum amount of participants x price per night, so the min. amount of participants will give you a good idea of what it needs to take in order to pay the contract value. As long as your contract value has been paid, you are considered current. 

Plenty of hosts before to bring less than the required 18 and they price their event accordingly to satisfy the contract requirement to Imiloa and also enjoy profitability. Our team helps you do this during your kick-off month at Imiloa during the “Retreats Creation Call” (the second call with our team after signing the contract). 

How many people can you sleep at Imiloa?

Most retreats average 22-27 participants (ideal). We can welcome a total of 35. Most of the domes would be triple accommodations in this case.

Can I bring my family when I host?

Yes! You can bring your family. The nightly rate will be the same as for your participants, and we often see hosts bring their family or friends for a retreat experience.

Do we have to take the small airplane to Imiloa?

Included in your retreat experience at Imiloa is the small plane which we charter privately for just your retreat group. This is already included in your stay with us. However, if you prefer ground transportation this can be set up as an alternative, There may be an additional cost. Please email for more information

What do you have for audio, yoga, sound bathing and other equipment?


No refunds, really? What about a family emergency?

Our tickets are non-refundable, which is why we always recommend purchasing ‘cancel for any reason’ travel insurance in order to protect your investment. If you have an extenuating circumstance as a guest, we may consider transferring your ticket value to another retreat if the host of your event and Imiloa agrees. We reserve the right to refuse this to anyone as tickets are non-refundable. Please email with questions.

As a host, you have the ability to transfer (see contract for details). However, if you’ve already sold tickets through our system you are fully responsible for coordinating and communicating with guests who have signed up for your retreat and ensure the transfer works for them. If you have questions, please email

We recommend Global Rescue, who are specialists in this field.

If you choose not to use Global Rescue as your CFAR provider, please select an alternate provider so that your retreat purchase is insured in case of cancellation for any reason. 

What time do my people have to be on the ground in San Jose?

On arrival day for your retreat, we recommend that your flight land at the international airport no later than 1:00 PM local Costa Rica time.

This is because you must be at the domestic terminal by 3:00 PM. Be prepared for immigration lines running as fast as 45 minutes or as long as 2.5 hours to get through. The local charter flight will depart from the domestic terminal at SJO. It is a 5-10 minute walk from the international terminal to the domestic terminal at SJO. The local charter flight will leave at 3:30PM local time. 

What happens if I miss the flight to Imiloa?

We charter the flight privately so if someone is delayed we will be in contact with them directly and determine whether the flight is able to wait or if we will have to set up alternative transportation for them. This would depend on the situation and how much of a delay there is. 

I fell out of my relationship with my co-host. What happens now?

We’re sorry to hear that! It does happen and can be part of the  growth and transformation process leaders experience. 

Imiloa abides by its contractual obligations to you and expects you to, as well. That’s why we ask whoever is responsible for the contract to be the signer(s) on the contract. If you’re on the contract, you are responsible for the financial obligations to Imiloa and either must find a new co-host or transfer the contract.

How far is the closest town? Hospital?

Closest hospital (Quepos) is 30 mins away. The closest town (Dominical) is 15 minutes away.

I don’t understand my invoices and need to meet with your finance team. How do I?

You can always schedule a meeting with our finance team to go over your retreat finances. Just let us know and we will help set this meeting up for you. 

Please email to arrange your meeting. 

How can my family contact me?

For phone service, there is WIFI on campus, and we recommend WhatsApp as the best way to communicate.

Can I help design the menu? How about a copy of the menu?

Yes, during your “Retreats Creation Call” with our Events team after your contract is signed, you can mention you’ll need time with the Chef to co-design menu, or discuss specifications. Our retreats director will ensure you have time with the chef for the collaboration.  Meanwhile, if you have questions, you can always email 

Can I have dinner delivered to my room?

Under special circumstances we can help deliver dinner to your room — just for hosts.

Is the team legally hired?

Yes. Every employee at Imiloa is working legally.

What happens if I smoke a joint in your rooms or bring my own alcohol?

You will be asked to exit the retreat and leave the property. We are very transparent around our dry-campus policies and we have all our guests agree to this in our terms and conditions prior to arrival.

I’m loving my retreat and I want to renew. How?

We prefer to discuss renewals after you leave Imiloa giving you time to reintegrate post-retreat. 

You can reach out to for a renewal conversation. Our Global Development Team will set a call with you, usually after we receive surveys back from your guests so we can also debrief on the experience and how to make it even better the next time. 

We’re grateful to experience 86% client renewals and take this honor seriously and never for granted.

Do you have the ability and facility for us to bring our own massage therapist? (Room, supplies and table). Is there an additional fee for this?

You may do that and pay a Facilitator nightly fee + 25% of what is charged for massages to Imiloa. 

It is strongly preferred that Imiloa be trusted to coordinate with your vendors and provide you excellent service. 

For example, if you coordinate outside of Imiloa, and your vendor gets stuck on the mountain or has other issues, they’ll contact you, and not us. We won’t be able to provide them transportation to Imiloa and the burden is on you as host. Instead, you can trust the Retreats Events Team to deliver the intended experience without you having to think about it – so you’re able to stay present throughout your stay. 

If you have questions on this, please email