Imiloa Institute looks forward to producing your retreat, providing a safe and comfortable environment for you to work as a host with your students in a welcoming space that caters to your needs.

We have carefully structured calls after your contract gets signed. 

  1. Celebration Call 
  2. Retreats Creation Call
  3. Marketing and Sales Concierge Call
  4. Kick-off (site) call

Those happen within the first month. By the end of it, you’ll be empowered and equipped to have a clearly outlined retreat schedule, with activities and know best practices from how Imiloa has helped 150+ hosts that have hosted here. 

“We're here to help as many hosts as possible. We want to ensure our hosts feel at ease, along with the guests they've brought with them for the experience. So whether we have ten, twenty, or even one hundred hosts who need our help, we have a solid team of professionals ready to assist,” says Amy Loder, on the global development team. “And that is precisely what we do.”

45-days before your retreat starts you’ll have a Retreat Blueprint call to ensure your retreat agenda and logistic details are finalized, last minute changes are implemented, and inspirations are integrated. You’ll also be invited to meet with the finance team to ensure any questions you have around earnings are answered. 

While we manage processes that help us inspire people, we also emphasize individual one-on-one needs and requests throughout your host journey. We want you to be fully supported so you get to more powerfully enroll your clients into the possibility of your retreat and then be able to show up inspired and energized. Many hosts report feeling more present on the day of their retreat because Imiloa takes care of everything.