Imiloa is home to a beautiful open space that wildlife calls home– everything from sloths, monkeys, beautiful blue morpho butterflies, spiders, snakes, scorpions, frogs, and ants. Although these creatures live amongst us, we've never had a situation in which someone has had an injury because of them. In most cases, these creatures simply live in the wild and have no interest in human interaction. We have protocols if an emergency were to occur, and we like to be transparent in our approach.

Of course, we recommend a few things to help you stay safe while experiencing the beauty of Imiloa. If you happen to see these creatures in the wild while out on an adventure, we ask that you don't get too close to them or attempt to pick them up. You may increase your chances of experiencing a bite when trying to touch these species, so we advise against it for your safety.

We're confident you can have the most educational and enjoyable experience during your time at Imiloa. Curious about a particular species that you see?  Ask our team, they love to provide information about the furry and not-so-furry friends on our campus. 

“A stay at our retreat is a time to learn new things about yourself and have an awakening in consciousness. Your time here may leave you feeling positively charged, stronger, and genuinely happier,” says Jorge Guerrero, General Manager. The wildlife is simply an ally in you feeling positively charged and happier. Be sure to listen to Jorge’s welcoming message on the first night of your retreat which will have safety protocols in place.