Are you tired of not having the community and support you know you deserve?

Imiloa’s Wisdom Trust creates the experience of home and community for transformational leaders ready to put a stake in the ground to create a future so big, so bright that everyone around them can’t help but be touched, transformed and inspired by it. As a result, we get to transform in the becoming of the vision that we are creating.

5 Key Benefits of the MAP


Receive spot coaching to remove blocks and barriers.


Experience an intimate group coaching experience that helps your drive short-term, mid-term and long-term business and personal goals.


Benefit from the support of a “Backup Buddy” and senior and mid-level coaches on your journey.


Learn to create freely, and with clarity while increasing your business revenue.


Learn how to implement a program of action into every aspect of your business.

5 Pain Points of the Mis-aligned Transformational Leader



You’re a transformational leader or practitioner and aren’t fully supported by other peers, often feeling less successful than you could be, less prosperous or alone.


You’ve bought programs before but haven’t been satisfied with the level of attention, or the “real-life” challenges getting solved; every coaching call is extra money, or you can’t get a hold of the coaches at all.


You aren’t earning what you know you deserve, can’t figure out why, and it feels like an out-of-reach “secret.”


You want the support of peers, but also want individual attention to. You want interactive learning, not just another coaching program promoting the individual in charge of it.


You want it all – support personally, one-on-one, in a group – you want to workshop ideas and learn from the best and don’t want to sign up to multiple coaching programs to get it.

As part of the Mastermind Action Program, you get it all — our full program of action, all our secrets to how we’ve generated millions in revenue and helped transformational leaders, the support of peers, and the expertise of coaches, tools and proven methods to increase your ease, flow and grounded success.

How Does It Work?

Each mastermind cohort is twenty people and two coaches allowing participants to receive maximum support and create strong bonds with a community of learners.
You’ll receive daily support from Day 1 from the support coach and your “Backup Buddy”. In the buddy system there is always someone there that has your back.
Taking effective action daily will be a foundational practice in the mastermind. Track where you are taking effective action and where you aren’t and get the support you need.

Three Stakeholders

Lead Coach

Your coach will be with you during your entire mastermind journey. With robust backgrounds in leadership, business development, human psychology, and financial literacy – our coaches focus on listening and helping you innovate your life and business to get the results you want. They’re also extraordinary leaders in their own right.

Support Coach / Program Manager

These facilitators are highly-trained and regularly in contact with you and your cohort. They are facilitating your journey to ensure you are in action and to ensure the coaches are coaching based on your needs.

Your Cohort

This is YOU and your peers – a group of amazing transformational leaders and business owners learning together in a mastermind community.

What’s Included


2 monthly 90-minute group coaching sessions with your coach and support coach. Strong agenda, built-in flexibility.


1 monthly 90-minute live immersive skill-build workshop, designed to expand your understanding giving you access to new information and tools. Led by a leading Imiloa subject matter expert.


Engage in a a Daily Program of Action using Imiloa’s 80/20 methodology. Take effective action each day with support from your Backup Buddy and members of your cohorst. 80% of your activities each day MUST be revenue generating.

What To Expect From Mastermind Action Program


Who We Are As Transformational Leaders & Business Owners

  • Being related and belonging
  • Philosophy and Psychology of Transformational Leaders
  • Money and YOU


Money Month

  • Completion and Integrity
  • Being with the “What’s So” Your financial snapshot
  • Accountability & Consistency


From Radical Self-Reliance to Interdependence

  • Interdependence – create your dream team
  • What’s good for one is good for the whole
  • Archetypes: meet your inner self

At MAP, we believe in accountability and interdependence as asd a pathway for you to have what you’re really wanting.

You’re out on the leading edge of thought, brave enough to turn around and invite the rest of us out there too. You should be fully supported as a leader. And everyone needs a MAP to get to where they’re wanting to be.

MAP stands for you and the years of work you’ve put toward your craft and mastery. We ensure you have full support from all-star coaches, backup buddies in the cohort and online support too so you can focus on creating the life and business you’ve dreamed of, or, take your business to the next level.


$750 in bonuses when you pay in full:

Enroll within this week $300 discount
Receive a 15-minute coaching session ($150 value) readying you for the cohort experience
AND $300 credit to any Imiloa event in the next 24 months


Pay in Full


one-time payment


Pay Plan


3 monthly payments