Journey of the Heart

Tap into your intuition and reconnect with your heart on this 6 day women’s retreat

Hosted by Sarah and Sarah at the Art of Self Worth, you’ll experience how self-love ignites healing in community allowing you to develop true compassion towards yourself and others.

Special guest teachers on this retreat include: Robyn Moreno, an award-winning storyteller, popular lifestyle expert, Emmy-nominated TV host, and author; Jamia Wilson, an award-winning feminist activist, author of more than 6 books, speaker, and podcaster who has been a leading voice on women’s rights issues for over a decade; and Vanessa Mata, a Canadian-based photographer who challenges the conventional standards of beauty.

You will leave the jungle with a deeper understanding of your heart’s true desires, a plan and tools to implement that passion into your daily life, and a new community who has your back.

JAN 2 – JAN 7, 2024

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