A 6-day retreat focused on releasing anything that may be holding you back from your most aligned life in ARMONIA™ towards your highest path, power and potential.

Sept 25 – 30, 2023

Creating a life in ARMONIA

ARMONIA is the Italian word for Harmony.  When your life is aligned in mind, body and spirit and you RELEASE™ all that may be holding you back from your best and most authentic self, you can begin to feel more harmony in your life, more clarity, serenity and peaceful prosperity.

The RELEASE Method ™

If you are a high-achieving women that feels as if your life is on “auto-pilot” and you’re desiring a more aligned life in harmony, then this retreat is for you.  Through a series of experiential opportunities, excursions, yoga, breathwork, meditation and workshops, this transformational experience will guide you to release self-limiting beliefs, inner critic talk, conditioned responses, resentments and more and will return you back home as your most authentic self, released from the confines of living life on “auto-pilot.”

Your Path. Your Power.  Your Potential. ™

Designed as a fully inclusive and individually crafted wellness experience, The RELEASE™ Retreat is a mindfully curated space and time where your only obligation is to yourself and to your soul.  Facilitated by Donna Marino, Owner & President of Armonia Counseling, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Life and Career Coach and Certified Spiritual Director, along with Jen Xanders, ERYT500 Certified Yoga and Meditation instructor, this retreat will guide you to a life in ARMONIA while releasing what may be holding you back from your highest Path, Power and Potential. ™

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