Nov 11 – 16, 2023

A 5 day immersion Revive & Thrive energy medicine workshop in Costa Rica.

All life is sacred! 

This is a gentle introduction into one of the oldest Earth Energy Medicine based in the Andean cosmology Lineage.

Learn a basic understanding of your energy anatomy/body and simple tools to clear and maintain a healthy balance with your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual states.  We will explore this together through different breathing techniques, gentle movement, initiations into 2 of the Andean sacred rites (the bands of power and the seers rites), guided journeying and activating your 3 super human powers.  

You will gain a better  understanding to calm and ground yourself in any environment, how to create ceremony for healing and open to the infinite possibilities our earth and spirit has for you to optimize your precious life.

Consider this your personal invite from me to you to join this special offering in the mountain rainforest of Costa Rica for a 5 star experience of self-care and awakening. 

Infinite love,

Nicole Hutto

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