Office Hours: Ask Jake (& Team) Anything

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Are you a retreat host in the middle of trying to produce or sell out an event and craving more support, or even better, a community to learn from? Do you want to elevate your business in relationship to other entrepreneurs? Look no further!

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Office Hours is designed for our broader community. At Imiloa, we want to support hosts more deeply than we already do. We  see many other leaders that host elsewhere that could also use a community of support, a sounding board for ideas and a community of peers. Even if you're just looking to listen in and learn, look no further for the support you deserve. 

We'll talk about whatever's most important to you — whether you host at Imiloa yet or not — and offer value, solutions, experiences and hope from other hosts who have “been there, done that, and succeeded.” 

Our promises to you: It's 100% live and will include spot coaching and troubleshooting. We'll celebrate wins, ideas and innovations. No one week will be like the other. You'll gain value even if you never ask a question. This is right for anyone hosting retreats or events (at Imiloa or worldwide), or people who are educators, wellness professionals, entrepreneurs, coaches or anyone thinking of transformational events as part of their business plan. 

Why You Should Register:

  • Tailored Support: Whether you’re a client or not, we’re here to boost your business, retreats, and life.
  • Real Solutions: Struggling with filling your retreat or effective enrollment strategies? Let’s tackle these challenges together.
  • Expert Insights: Learn from Jake's 10-step process to convert objections into commitments and gain valuable knowledge about Imiloa.
  • Community Engagement: Connect with others, share your questions, and benefit from collective wisdom.

What's On The Table

Unique Challenges

Bring your specific retreat or business issues, and let's brainstorm solutions.

Exclusive Access

Get firsthand insights about Imiloa and how it can benefit you.

Special Guests

Learn from world experts invited to address your most pressing questions.

Drop your name and email above to join any Wednesday – and yes, you can keep coming back!