Renewing Imiloa & Verdesana

Our community of hosts is the beating heart of Imiloa and Verdesana, we would be nothing without you.

We love it so much when you come back, and so have put together a great benefits package to show our appreciation and give due thanks.

We love it when we have the privilege to welcome back hosts to Imiloa or Verdesana. It genuinely means the world to us. We know there are other places you could host your retreat, so we want to show our gratitude for choosing Imiloa or Verdesana another time round.

Here’s a reminder about what we do:

The Imiloa Way –
Wonder, Awe, FAM Trips & Unparalleled Support

So what do we offer returning hosts?

Firstly, you will receive a 10% discount on any retreat contract following your first. Once booked, you’ll receive a special gift from the Imiloa team.

Following on from that, you have our unparalleled support, that’s our promise. We’ve shared a few ways we can help you throughout every step of your renewal journey.

Office Hours

Join one of our free weekly Office Hours with Imiloa's CEO Jake Sasseville and members of the Senior Team. These take place on Wednesdays at 3PM Eastern time. This is the place to meet our multiple-retreat hosts and ask questions that come up the second time round.

Retreat Entrepreneur’s Playbook

This is for those looking to scale up and be the best at what you do. The Retreat Entrepreneur’s Playbook is your free comprehensive guide to creating impactful retreats. Learn from the experiences of founding Imiloa Institute, a hub for transformation and learning across continents. Discover how to move from vision to reality, creating a nurturing space for personal and planetary awakening.

Kaleidoscope Membership

Our membership has been designed for impact-entrepreneurs, retreat leaders and educators who want to grow their business from $100,000 in revenue to $10 million. Imiloa and its hosts, senior leadership team, and contributors teach you every area of business, hosting, partnering and scaling so that you can scale your business with more ease and grace.

Renew With Us

Finally, we’re always here. Reach out to us anytime at to schedule a call. We can’t wait to hear from you.

If you’re ready to confirm your next contract at Imiloa or Verdesana, complete the form below.


Referring Imiloa or Verdesana

By the way, we also have a great set of benefits for those looking to refer Imiloa or Verdesana. If that’s you then click the link below.