Before coming to Imiloa Institute for the experience of a lifetime, our guests often ask, “how will I know if I've had a transformation?” 

We believe transformation can happen in an instant, but it requires you to discover something new about yourself, about another human being or about the world around you. 

Often a visit to Imiloa, no matter the retreat, is the spark to that transformation. Guests report that being immersed in nature for the retreat is often the cause of an awakening. The food cleanses the gut (which functions as a second brain in the human body) and the community of people start to open something up. 

The truth is, you will begin to feel the difference in your energy the moment it begins to shift. 

“Many people feel a change as they progress through the retreat,” Jorge Guerrero, Imiloa’s General Manager says. “They may feel more well-rested, stronger than before, positively charged, and so forth.” 

You may experience a release of a limiting belief or two, or see things from a different angle. A business idea may come to you, or clarity around a relationship. Often it won’t be in relationship to the courses being taught — it’s just part of shutting off the “thinking mind.”

You may begin to experience more frequent states of joy, positivity, self-love, and overall confidence. It’s why integration after the retreat is so important. 

During a 5-night, 6-day retreat, you will discover new practices, adopt new beliefs, and open the door to endless possibilities. Ultimately, this is a journey of awakening, connecting with your soul, and stepping into alignment with your authentic self. 

The capacity to discern a truly transformative experience often lies in the energetic and persistent presence of steadiness, calm, and clarity you observe in yourself in the days, weeks, and months after your retreat. You may begin to view and understand past experiences through an alternate lens and appreciate how those experiences formed your spiritual essence.