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Next Steps for Success:

Step 1

Join the Community

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Step 2

Block out dates for Wisdom Trust

  1. First Tuesdays of the month is GROUP WISDOM CALL
  2. Second Wednesdays of the month are Q&A/Open Forum/Office hours with me and the occasional special guest
  3. Third Thursdays of the month are Pod Coaching Sessions

Step 3

Hold space on your calendar for our 2 in-person retreats!

Month 3 and Month 11 feature retreats. At Wisdom Trust, we believe in gathering well, and gathering intentionally. Retreat #1 will be at a domestic location in the US and is fully inclusive (except airfare). Retreat #2 will be in Costa Rica at Imiloa and will be (+$1500 only). Both retreats will feature light structure, fully included of transportation at the destination, gourmet cuisine, expert facilitation and a few special surprises too. 

Arizona: Mar. 21st (Arrive) – 24th (Depart), 2024
Costa Rica: Nov. 19th – 24th, 2024