When choosing Imiloa for your hosting needs, you may wonder why it’s more expensive to host at Imiloa.  When you do the math and realize what you’re getting, you may realize it’s not actually more expensive. We provide a closed campus for your event. No other events, retreats, or guests are on site during your contracted dates. 

Imiloa charges $499 per person per night, all included. Host + 1 stays, eats, sleeps and rides for $0.  That means private plane to and from SJO Airport, full ground transportation, full gourmet plant based cuisine, the full campus designed however you want (singles doubles and triples) and a 35-person team responsible for only you and your guests during your stay.

A consultation with our Global Development Team (email impact@imiloainstitute.com) can quickly show you how our hosts earn $18,000-$40,000 take-home for their retreats with ticket prices averaging $2,900-$4,900 (all inclusive). 

The key difference with Imiloa is most other centers are vague around pricing, or they have different tiers for different rooms. With Imiloa, you get the clarity of per person per night and a worksheet that details exactly how much you’ll earn, based on how much you charge, before you even sign a contract. 

It also includes marketing and sales support, our concierge services for guests and hosts, and webpage design and hosting for your event page.  We also offer ticketing services if you require that level of support. 

What most hosts recognize is that with all of this support, they’re able to be more present, more focused and more impactful, leading to even better experiences for their guests, resulting in referrals and requests for renewals before the end of the retreat. 

You have a full events team coordinating every logistical decision you make as you create your event. 

The facilities and accommodations are among the best in the region, creating a sense of awe and comfort for guests. 

If you have a question about this, we invite you to email impact@imiloainstitute.com and Apply to Host a retreat here so you can enjoy our Discovery Series.