Expand your connection with animals, intuition, energy and more. Participants in this retreat experience a freedom to try out their intuition in new ways – even if they’re just discovering it. Free from judgement of the external world!

October 5-10, 2023

About The Retreat

A 6-day immersive retreat to connect intuitively with animals and people alike

Do you love animals? Do you feel like the animal in your life was “meant” to be with you? Have you ever experienced a spiritual connection with an animal (or would you like to)?

The Animal Soul Connection retreat gathers a community of open-hearted, mindful animal lovers who desire to connect more fully and more deeply with the animal kingdom through intuition, compassion, and connection.

If you’re interested in exploring your connection with animals by opening yourself to be able to receive their wisdom, then you’re in perfect alignment with Animal Soul Connections. You’ll expand your connection to the animal world when you let Animal Communicator, Danielle MacKinnon and the animals of Costa Rica guide you. As you learn to play with your connection to animals in the safe and secure world of this retreat, judgment falls away so intuitive connection and communion with them can fully show up.

What You Will Experience

  • Opening and Closing Ceremonies led by Danielle
  • Morning connection yoga
  • Workshops with Danielle to assist you in connecting with your intuition, energy, and the swimming, flying, and climbing animals of Costa Rica
  • Costa Rica Jungle Walk to for real-time connection with wild animals in their natural habitat
  • Relaxing beach time on one of the most beautiful, calm, clean beaches in Costa Rica
  • Sound Healing
  • Sacred Cacao Ceremony
  • Costa Rican Whale Connection using Danielle’s proprietary communication technique

What You Will Discover

This 6-day immersive retreat aligns you with both people and animals that understand you like no one else can

CONNECTION with animals using your innate intuition.

COMMUNITY with those, just like you, whose sensitivity leads the way in their relationships with other people and animals alike.

KNOWLEDGE about the inner workings of the animal kingdom through your connections with the animals of Costa Rica.

COMPASSION for yourself as your connections with animals help you understand your soul the way they understand it.

Danielle Will Share With You

  • Danielle’s Soul Level method for intuitive connection with all animals
  • How your intuition is already working (whether or not you’ve been aware of it)
  • ​​How to activate your psychic sight, feeling, and hearing through the power of the animals
  • The ability to feel in your body what it is like to truly BE a particular animal (Learn how to “feel” what animals really want you to feel!)
  • Methods for moving through those challenges holding you back from experiencing true connection with animals and even with people

What You Will Gain

Danielle’s proprietary techniques that you can take home to continue opening and expanding your intuition
Connection with people who feel about animals the way you do (that’s hard for most of us to find!)
Emotional and energetic support as you dive into the intuitive world of animals (so many think it weird!)
Expert guidance from Danielle in how your intuition works for you, personally
An understanding of the world of animals and how they use the Soul Level to move human consciousness forward

Your Host

Danielle MacKinnon

World-renowned animal communicator, intuitive, best-selling author, and Soul Level Coach, Danielle MacKinnon has brought clarity, intuition, and deep animal connection to thousands worldwide through her Soul Level Method® in animal communication and personal development.

Danielle knows that everyone has the ability to connect to animals and people psychically to learn the soul lessons they’re meant to know. In her school, the Danielle MacKinnon School, Danielle shows you how to communicate with animals, develop a relationship with your Guides, and trust your intuition on a deeper level so that you can create lasting, positive changes in your life.

Over the past 20 years, Danielle has helped thousands of people accept and embrace their natural ability to tap into their intuition and communicate with animals and people on a more meaningful level – the Soul LevelⓇ.

Retreat Agenda

Day 1 – October 5th


Meet and align with the incredible group of people who feel about animals, just like you.

Day 2 – October 6th


Delve in to animal intuition and discover what the animals have been saying all along

Day 3 – October 7th


Move through your challenges to open your animal intuition and uncover the language of the animals

Day 4 – October 8th


Put your newfound knowledge and experience into practice with sloths, toucans, caterpillars and more

Day 5 – October 9th


Band together with your community to play intuitively with the largest mammals on earth

Day 6 – October 10th


Experience continued connection with people and animals with your newly expanded intuition

*Please note: Agenda can be subject to change


The Animal Communication Retreat in Costa Rica with Danielle was truly one of the most amazing adventures I’ve ever had! My favorite part of the trip was when the group went out on a whale connection excursion. There were 4 whales swimming with and under our boat, and as we connected with them we were able to learn and practice energy management! This practice continued throughout the trip with all different types of animals as we explored each day. I was so surprised at what I was capable of doing! There is nothing like feeling seen and understood while getting the opportunity to be with like-minded people in a supportive, nurturing environment, all getting the opportunity to learn together. Costa Riaca is the kind of place that calls you to visit over and over again.
- Kendra Wetuski

The Imiloa Institute in Costa Rica was the perfect setting for Danielle’s Animal Soul Connection Retreat. Imiloa and their staff, went above and beyond expectations; hosting incredible lodging, vegan cuisine, sacred ceremonies and exciting day excursions including a once in a lifetime Whale Watching outting! Throughout our stay, they payed extreme attention to detail and nurtured the group. The most surprising part of this journey was the level of bonding, sharing, and closeness there was between the participants, especially after the long break from social engagement due to the pandemic. The lifechanging workshops were a continued reminder that we are all one. We each possess incredible intuitive gifts and when we pause to be with the wonder of the natural world, true magic happens. Every time I leave the Danielle MacKinnon retreat, I feel refreshed and renewed! This experience is truly a respite for the soul.
- Rebecca Kirson

Danielle’s Animal Soul Connection Retreat was beyond wonderful. Everything was so well taken care of, all we had to do was show up and participate. The Imiloa Institute did an incredible job at keeping everything organized, putting together our days, and the food! My goodness, I can’t even explain how amazing it truly was. Every detail in the drinks and the food was thoroughly thought out and executed perfectly. So much so, that I am now making more conscious choices in the food and drink I consume back home after coming back. This retreat taught me that I actually can communicate with animals, and so could everyone else who attended! Even those most skeptical of their own abilities upon arrival. It was heartwarming to feel as though I belong and am seen. To find such a wonderful group of likeminded people was something I never thought I would come across. Danielle and Imiloa created a safe space to discuss metaphysics and “alternative” ideas among the group and I left considering everyone there my friends and feeling rejuvenated and loved. I am loving being able to keep in touch with those I connected there and being able to continue to share our gifts, that was the best part for me. I can’t wait for the next one, I will go back in a heartbeat!
- Sarah Fishlin

Ticket Pricing



Double occupancy in a Jungle Bungalow or a Geodesic Dome with jungle views




Lodging in the exquisite “Jungle Bungalows” (Jungalows) complete with a bathtub in the jungle



VIP Luxury Single in a 200 year old home from Bali, mountaintop, overlooking the Pacific Ocean

A completely private campus; available to your retreat group only. Access to a private waterfall, nature paths, incredible flora and fauna, and an ocean view infinity pool. Also included is a dedicated team of 20+ local professionals to coordinate everything for your enjoyment, from touch down to take off.

Gourmet plant-based cuisine prepared using all local and organic produce. Full meals, snacks, teas, coffees and fruit trays available throughout your stay.

Private transportation from the International airport to our campus; a private driver and transportation to our campus in Imiloa Mountain.

What’s Not Included

Flights to SJO, Spa Services


You will be immersed in a 22-acre jungle oasis in Dominical, Costa Rica.

This enchanted mountainside jungle venue is ten minutes from the beach and it is the perfect setting to experience deep healing, embraced by nature, yet completely luxurious.

While staying at Imiloa you will enjoy our nature paths, our private waterfall, our salt-water pool, stunning views and delicious and nutritious meals by our five-star vegan chef.


Included in each accommodation is the comfiest mattresses, 850 thread count sheets, storage space and dry rooms as needed, fiber optic internet, daily cleaning service, private en-suite bath, indoor/outdoor design for every accommodation with a focus on nature and being your private refuge, and full service, thrice-filtered private well for drinking water throughout the property.


Bali Village is perched 1200 feet about the Pacific Ocean, on a ridge line of flora, fauna and wildlife every direction you look. These 5 accommodations are 160-200 year old homes imported from Bali. Each with their own en suite bathrooms, the homes bring you back and create a self space for rejuvenation and transformation.


200 Year Old Homes from Bali. Imported from the Java Islands, these homes boast outdoor showers, full kitchen access, surreal vista views to the Pacific, their own salt water plunge pools and hand-carved art that is as old as the houses.


Perched on the edge of the cliff, at the furthest end of the property, sits a 170 year old home from the Java Islands we call Joglo. Complete with a writer’s desk, outdoor Balinese shower, hand-carved architecture that will transport you to another land and time, Joglo is teeming with history and comfort. Your cold plunge pool is adjacent to a warm bath, both outdoor. Full kitchen, too.


This two-floor imported home from Bali will have you wishing you’d never leave. Complete with a King Bed and a twin in the corner of the 180 year old home, Potoo has modern luxury with 360 views of the Pacific. On the lower level, a plunge pool and private spa. Potoo also includes many outdoor chairs, hammocks and a full kitchen, too.


Six Jungle Bungalows built on the side of the mountain on the pathway to our very own private waterfall. Bali inspired, the interiors feature natural finishings and a gorgeous exposed shower and bath tub.


Six Buckminster Fuller inspired Geodesic River Domes, among the best made in the world and partially powered by solar energy, sit perched on the edge of our private river with the fresh, flowing water feeding up to the domes. Experience the soothing sounds of relaxing and sleeping next to flowing water. Amazing!


The House of Masters, located in the center of the property, is a 2,000 square foot Balinese structure hanging 100 feet in the Jungle canopy. Adjacent are restrooms and a yoga storage room for mats, blocks and more. The space can be converted for any type of retreat, workshop or dance party.


A sprawling 3,000 square foot space that is the “Heart of Imiloa,” our social space features loungy, multicultural inspired furnishings, couches, and 5 imported tables from Bali, all under a Polynesian style roof.


Jungle paths connect the 20+ acres at Imiloa, with hand-made stairs and lighting, creating an immersive, easy experience for you and guests.


Beyond the Jungle Bungalows is a path that leads to our own private waterfall. Descend into what feels like an enchanted jungle forest as you bask in the magic and beauty of the surrounding nature.


At Imiloa, we are a proudly conscious comfort food campus. That means we serve healthy, locally-sourced, gourmet vegan meals that are as artistically plated, scientifically nourishing and delightfully crafted for all of our retreat guests.


Imiloa’s world-class spa is a curated, sensual and deeply moving experience. Choose from Ayurvedic massages and practices, to a shamanic masseuse from our team members who are from the Boruca indigenous tribe here in Costa Rica, to more traditional Swedish, relaxation or Thai yoga massages, body wraps and others. A full list of spa offerings and a link to book during your free time will be provided to you before you arrival.


  1. Schedule your plane to arrive at SJO. In order to access your private plane charter, all guests must be at the Domestic Terminal at SJO San Jose, Costa Rica no later than 3PM on the arrival day.
  2. Once landed, proceed to customs and instructions will be provided to meet Imiloa concierge.
  3. Proceed to baggage claim with concierge and proceed to Domestic Terminal (3 minute walk from International Terminal). Please be at the Domesitc Terminal at SJO San Jose, Costa Rica no later than 3PM on your day of arrival.
  4. Private Imiloa plane will be waiting to fly you to Quepos.
  5. Private ground transport shuttles will pick you up in Quepos and bring you to Imiloa.
  6. If you are already in Costa Rica, ground transport may be coordinated from Quepos, Dominical or Uvita as inclusive.
  7. Please do not plan to drive to Imiloa on your own. It is not permitted.
  8. If you need to arrive the day before, please stay at the Hampton Inn across from the airport, or plan to be in the San Jose Domestic Terminal for private flight to Imiloa by no later than 3PM (instructions will be emailed).
  9. You will depart Imiloa at 10AM, and arrive at the landing strip at 10:30AM, with an estimated arrival to SJO airport at 11:30AM. The domestic terminal is a 5-10 minute walk to the international terminal at SJO. Typically, it is suggested to be at the international terminal 2.5 hours prior to your international departure. Please book your departing international flight accordingly, knowing that you will be at the airport at 11:30AM on departure day.

Questions? Email us:


  • Imiloa has partnered with a comprehensive travel insurance provider that meets the entry requirements for Costa Rica and offers “cancel for any reason” plans to maximize coverage: (additional cost)
  • We follow cleansing and sanitization protocols as per Ministry of Health to ensure a safe environment
  • Staff and retreat participants are asked to follow and safety guidelines such as social distancing, washing of hands, and proper mask wearing.


Our team, the Welcome Home Team at Imiloa, from kitchen to property, gardening to coordination, logistics to transportation, will be available to you throughout your stay with anything you need. They have a ready smile, answers to most of your questions and can quickly support so your experience is easy and fulfilling.


Imiloa is located in the jungle, at the top of a mountain, overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Our lush retreat center is located adjacent to the second most biodiverse land on the planet.

Dominical, only 13 minutes away, is a beach town with surfer vibes, great coffee and plenty of shopping. Just north of our municipality is Quepos and to the south, Ojochal and Uvita, which is known as the Whale’s Tail.

Just 45 minutes east sits Costa Rica’s second largest city, San Isidro. Within an hour of Imiloa in all directions, you have access to airports, cafes, beaches, waterfalls, biodiversity and happy people ready to show you the lush, lovely area we call home.

You’ll arrive easily on our private plane, and your group will enjoy unlimited transportation to and from the beach, to and from the airport and throughout your stay with us.